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Back at it again with more hilarious tweets and memes that got us through another draining week dominated by nationwide protests, massive marches and civil unrest across Amerikkka where the revolution is currently being live-streamed.

At this point, after nearly 5 months in quarantine, we’re either stressed TF out, struggling to sleep normally (if at all), attempting to protect our peace, donating to the growing movement, canceling celebs every hour, on the hour or marching for justice in the middle of a pandemic in the latest chapter of the absolute worst year in recent history.

Hit the flip for all the hilarious tweets/memes that got us through this super stressful week.

“Nathan: *talks sh*t about lawrence* #InsecureHBO

Issa:” – issa definitely went up for her, uh, not-quite-bae Lawrence

“How ima be behind my girl when she buying me the ps5 #PlayStation5” – haaaaaa

“oh she don’t wanna show teeth now” – pettttttyyyyyyyy

“Molly: “Our friendship doesn’t work anymore”
Issa: “Ok”
Molly: #InsecureHBO” – thee unmitigated gall of Molly

“Me driving home with the ps5 on release day” – this is closer to the truth than we know

“Andrew everytime Molly enters the room #InsecureHBO” – hopefully we’ll find out why in the finale

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“Someone reviewed B. Simone’s book and” – yeaaa, so uhhh…

Haaaaaa Nathan was SICK

“Bsimone at 3am making her book” – oh nooooo

“I’d like to thank the Black Employees at Insomniac.” – we appreciate you!

“They called B Simone’s book a funeral program, a travel brochure, a church pamphlet, a fifth grade writing book, her personal burn book from Mean Girls, a scholastic bookstore advertisement, a magazine, a Bratz sticker book, a Rite Aid coupon book…..just know that this is me rn” – Twitter is ruthless

“he breathe around other b*tches he can ask them for a ps5” – understandable

“Ain’t we supposed to chew it next?” – absolutely

“Ladies finding out that Lawrence is dating a white woman…We been knew.” – just loud and YEARSSS late



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