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The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 12

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NeNe Leakes just does not know how to keep her damn foot out of her mouth. She has been doing it all season and hasn’t yet stopped bringing more drama to herself. This last charade is worse than anything she has said before.

NeNe went on to talk about the way she was treated on RHOA and said that she felt like George Floyd. Why? Because she felt “ganged up on” the same way he was “ganged up on.”


This is a big bag of trash and may take the cake for the most disgusting thing she has said so far.

Naturally, she has gotten majorly dragged for her comments. That’s not it. She also put her own damn booking info on a post about Black Lives Matter. What the hell is she thinking?

Hit the flip and see just how bad it’s getting for NeNe.

“*sigh* okay.
I love me some Nene but she has the wildest comparisons ever! She WAS ganged up all season and during the reunion for sure. However George Floyd?? Really?? My brother just nodding and mmhing over there like – “

“Nene Leakes is insane. She is the aggressor 90 percent of the time to OTHER BLACK WOMEN. How is she so self centered to believe her reality show reunion experience is anything related to George Floyd or even Oluwatoyin Salau? I’m gobsmacked by her ignorance.”

“Comparing her experience on a reality TV show that is about petty nonsense to the systemic racism that resulted in the death of Mr. George Floyd is an absolute new low for NeNe Leakes.”

“Now I love me some Nene but u cannot compare what happened with George Floyd to you being ganged up on a show where u make millions. “

“This right here crosses all boundaries … GEORGE FLOYD lost his whole life and you’re comparing it to getting a little heat on a #RHOA reunion special .. I am truly appalled… I can’t with this”

“And people are still supporting her???? Nene ur a housewive who is also a bully to the ladies wat happen to George Floyd is not the same as wat u go thru on the show sorry girl but it’s not”

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“I’ve been entertained & annoyed by NeNe’s antics, she’s incredibly delusional and highly irrational. NeNe is a mess in general but trying to compare your experience on Housewives to George Floyd is downright disgusting”


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