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Everyone’s still buzzing over the Season 4 finale of “Insecure” where we finally came face-to-face with Tiffany’s postpartum depression, watched (and enjoyed) Andrew & Molly’s doomed somethingship finally crumble and fake gasped at Condola‘s not-very-shocking pregnancy reveal that many of you predicted weeks ago.

Whew, it was quite the doozy stuffed with subplots that ultimately left us with a Nathan-less, Lawrence-less Issa who curved Nathan for her heart-eyed ex after their reconnection just to find out he knocked up the villainous Condola (who we’re not actuallyyyy sure is pregnant).

Yep, everybody pretty much lost (well, everybody except Condola) on a triggering night that sparked hilarious hysteria across social media that gets funnier (and pettier) by the day.

Hit the flip for MORE hilariously petty tweets from the “Insecure” Season 4 finale.

“Coronavirus walking to her car after giving Lawrence the news #InsecureHBO” – you know she did

“Nathan hearing Lawrence got a girl pregnant #insecurehbo” – we’re still shocked Issa was all in on Lawrence after 1 meet up

“Welp #InsecureHBO” – classsssssic moment from “My Wife & Kids”

“Bus Conductor: Dont dare push that button… 😂😂😂 #InsecureHBO

Kelly:” – haaaaaa we love love love us some Kelli

“Now all of sudden Consentration No Hesitation wants to be somebody mammy? Girl F**K YOU #InsecureHBO” – maaaaaan just rained on the whole season

“Issa calling Nathan back right after her conversation with Lawrence:

#InsecureHBO” – it’s wild how Issa fumbled Nathan so easily

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“Me explaining to my man why Condola being pregnant is stressing me and my homegirls out #InsecureHBO” – stressed us TF out too

“Some of my favorite names for Condola tonight include:
Canola oil
Condensed milk
Concentration no hesitation

Y’all know y’all wrong 💀💀 #InsecureHBO” – they get better and better by the week

“Insecure writers when Issa is finally happy with Lawrence #InsecureHBO” – they don’t want us to be happy, not even a lil bit


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