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Rayshard Brooks is yet another Black name that we will never forget because he was unjustly killed by white people, specifically, the police.

Similar to a Friday night a few weeks back that saw Atlanta go up in flames behind the murder of George Floyd, the city took to the streets demanding justice for Rayshard. There wasn’t widespread looting or massive destruction, but that isn’t to say that there was no violent manifestations.

The Wendy’s where Rayshard was killed was ignited and burned to the ground during a protest and the person who set the fire was captured in real-time by a social media user who wanted to ensure that people knew who was, and more importantly, who was NOT responsible for the property destruction.

White girls.


According to CNN, Authorities in Atlanta are actively searching for the two Beckies who were seen buying incendiary products and lighting the fire in the video. Atlanta Fire Section Chief James Oliver says they have photos of the women but haven’t identified them yet.

Oliver announced the Georgia Arson Control Board is offering $10,000 — on top of the $10,000 already offered by Crime Stoppers — as a reward in the case.

BOSSIP went down to the south Atlanta Wendy’s a few days ago where people were still gathered and leaving tokens at the makeshift altar that has been created to honor Rayshard’s life. The place is completely burned down but somehow there were a LOT of french fries that survived the fire. Bags were being confiscated to feed the homeless and needy in the area.



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