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Everyone’s going crazyyy over Twitter‘s shiny new feature that allows users to tweet a voice recording onto their feed (no, seriously) in the latest buzzy upgrade from the most innovative (for better or worse) social network on Beyoncé’s internet.

Oh yes, it’s LIT and already has stars like Cardi joining in on the fun by sending personal messages to fans amidst all the civil unrest, political corruption, COVID anxiety and white people finally discovering systemic racism.

Now, if you don’t have the feature on your app or desktop yet just be patient and it should update soon. Well, for everybody except people Baltimore (haaa just joking).

Peep the funniest, wildest and craziest Twitter voice tweets on the flip.

This is why we rock with Cardi

“Maya Angelou came to visit me and this is what she had to say..” – you know what

“I’m likin this new thang” – us too!

Bruhhhh it’s only been 1 day

“Awwww Voice Tweets! Thank you” – this is how is starts

“I had to test this out” – we’re glad you did

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This is exactly what we knew would happen

“We specifically told people from Baltimore this was not for y’all. For this exact reason.” – this is terrorism

“This my twitter answering machine message in case I miss your tweet.” – brings back so many memories

“Blessed Be the Fruit …” – well, this is something

“Since twitter being picky b*tch.” – whyyy so maaaad?



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