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Gary Chambers Jr. won the weekend. The viral video of his deliciously direct diatribe toward Baton Rouge School Board member Connie Bernard is now the stuff of internet legend. Gary Chambers Jr. walks amongst the people but his jersey hangs HIGH in the rafters. First ballot hall-of-famer. We’re deeply appreciative of his service and we’d like to buy him lunch if we’re ever in Baton Rouge.

Anyway, Gary took his talents to TMZ today to respond to the reactions that he’s been getting ever since he Thanos-snapped Connie’s credit-card-confirming soul during that now-fateful board meeting about a racist-a$$ school name. For the record, there is nothing in America that should be named after Robert E. Lee. He should even be allowed to have his name on his own headstone far as we’re concerned.

Fun and games aside, Gary’s message is that local government officials all across America have Connie’s and worse sitting in positions of power. These types of people have to be purged from those spaces and replaced with people who actually give a f**k about the people they serve and live next to. He’s even gone so far as to get #GoHomeConnie t-shirts made. We have no doubt that he could make a lot of money for a worthy cause if he decides to sell them.

Gary and school board member Tramelle D. Howard are calling for Connie’s immediate resignation and at this point, she shouldn’t want to serve another phony minute in her seat.



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