Young Jeezy Accuses Baby Mama Of Harassment & Is Livid Over His Engagement

Young Jeezy Accuses Baby Mama Mahi Of “Harassment,” Says She’s Jealous Of His Engagement To Jeannie Mai (Exclusive)

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10 Year Anniversary Celebration Dinner With Jeezy And The Street Dreams Foundation

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The rapper and activist claimed that he gave or paid on Mahi’s behalf $140,000 in the last 10 weeks and has continued to let her and the daughter live in his Atlanta-area home rent-free even though she was supposed to vacate the property in April 2020. He also said that he’d given her half a million dollars to finance a trucking business that he said she “ruined” – but didn’t elaborate, his court papers, which were obtained by BOSSIP, state.

We exclusively revealed that Jeezy and Mahi inked a support deal in March 2020 and obtained by BOSSIP – where Jeezy, who in court docs states he makes $135,000 a month, agreed to pay Mahlet $7,500 a month to support their six-year-old, pay for the girl’s nearly $30,000 school fees, provide health and life insurance and give Mahlet $30,000 towards the cost of a new car.

Jeezy court docs state he secured life insurance for the girl earlier this month and also enrolled in the co-parenting app, but Mahi failed to – and accused his daughter’s mom of manufacturing a “false narrative.”

10 Year Anniversary Celebration Dinner With Jeezy And The Street Dreams Foundation

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

He also pushed back on Mahi’s contentions in court papers that she cares for their daughter 99 percent of the time and doesn’t have any family in the area. Jeezy said he cares for the daughter when she’s in his custody, and that Mahi has a live-in nanny. He said the child’s older brother and grandpa live nearby, but Mahi won’t let the daughter see them. Jeezy also accused Mahi of talking trash about him in front of the daughter, according to court papers.

Another issue in the case was the provision in their court order that Jeezy buy Mahi a car; she accused him of dragging his feet on paying for the vehicle. But Jeezy is saying that Mahi totaled a $100,000 Range Rover that he initially bought her. He said Mahi wanted a car that cost more than the $30,000 they’d agreed on in their court order and wanted him to pay in a way that was not consistent with the court order. However, he eventually paid the money towards the vehicle.

We’ve reached out to Jeezy’s lawyer and rep for comment. We’ve also reached out to Mahi’s lawyer for comment.

Both sides are due back in court next month.


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