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The highly anticipated final season of “Greenleaf” got off to a deliciously MESSY start with all sorts of spicy shenanigans, table-shaking, infidelity, blackmail, lies, deceit and *gasp* an STD that, once again, sent Twitter spiraling into a tea-drunk TIZZY.

At this point, things can’t get any messier for the toxic Greenleafs who lost their megachurch, have a son who cheated on his wife who caught Chlamydia cheating on him, have a back-stabbing daughter who hasn’t been anything but aggravating since Season 1, Episode 1 and that’s only the beginning of their endless problems.

It’s also the reason the award-winning show is a smash hit that’s sure to get juicier during its victory lap season that airs every Tuesday night at 9/8c on OWN.

Peep the funniest (and messiest) tweets from the final season premiere of “Greenleaf.”

“This b*tch got chlamydia and got the nerve to make demands #Greenleaf” – THE NERVE

“Jacob looking at that toddler trynna figure out if she reallyyyy light brown or just reallyyyyy dark white #Greenleaf” – he was shook

“Jacob said your man out here passing out wills and chlamydia 😂😂😂 #Greenleaf never fails with the clapbacks” – best line of the night

“Charity sold out her family AND LOST HER MAN TO A WHITE WOMAN!!! #Greenleaf” – it’s what she deserved

“Jacob: is she…..
Alexa: yours?…i woulda never kept yours
Me:” – spicyyyyyyy

“If that baby come out mixed #Greenleaf” – Well…

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“Imagine walking into church and Charity is preaching…..

#GreenLeaf” – we’d rather not

“10 minutes in and Charity and Clarissa are already working my last nerve #Greenleaf” – every single time

“So Charity just said her family hates her (rightfully so), she has no love life and the associate pastor job is all she has left in the world. But don’t she have a baby? #Greenleaf” – we have no sympathy for her

“Something about AJ isn’t adding up. 2+2 isn’t equaling 4. #GreenleafOWN #Greenleaf” – we were on the same page



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