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Coronavirus is nowhere near gone, in fact, it appears to be getting worse again. America just can’t sit their dumb a$$es down and rates of positive cases are skyrocketing all over the country. 53% of white women’s president has no idea what he’s doing and doesn’t appear to care as long as he can campaign, hold rallies, and fight for reelection.

Crazy thing is, if he found a way to stifle COVID-19 and make America safe again, then he would probably earn the vote of some who would be willing to overlook his plethora of ineptitudes and reward him for successfully handling such a daunting task. But Donald Trump is a stupid man with stupider people surrounding him.

Recently, Bill Gates and his wife Melinda spoke to Forbes and spoke out against Trump’s egregious mishandling of this pandemic and sharply criticized him for spending so much time blaming China instead of healing the United States.

Beyond that, Melinda made it plain that she believes African-Americans should be the recipients of all vaccines first because we are the ones most negatively affected by the disease.

“There are 60 million healthcare workers [around the world]. They deserve to get the vaccine first, they’re the ones dealing with this on the front lines, trying to keep us all safe. And then you have to start to tier from there, based on the countries and the populations. Here in the United States, it’s going to be black people who really should get it first and many indigenous people, as well as people with underlying symptoms, and then elderly people.”

Would you want to be first in line to get COVID-19 vaccine or would you rather that, uh, others…get it first and see how things go? Peep the whole video message below.


Side note: Don’t they look like they could be the stars of the Get Out sequel in that pic???


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