Pettiest Reactions To Virgil Abloh's Cover Art For Pop Smoke's Album

0/10, Do Not Recommend: Pettiest Reactions To Virgil Abloh’s MySpace Profile-y Cover Art For Pop Smoke’s Album

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Famed Artistic Director of Menswear at Louis Vuitton/Off-White CEO Virgil Abloh is having a terrible pandemic that started with his now infamous $50 donation to Black Lives Matter and continued with his disastrous cover art for Pop Smoke’s upcoming album that (understandably) outraged fans (and anyone else familiar with quality graphic design).

Known for his luxury minimalism and outrageous prices, Virgil failed so miserably with his “design” that Pop Smoke’s manager Steven Victor announced that a new cover would be used for the highly anticipated posthumous album.

Whyyy THAT cover art was even revealed, only they know, but it’s clear Virgil swerved outside his lane which mostly involves adding zip ties to plain shoes and selling them for $400. No, seriously.

Peep the pettiest reactions to Virgil’s corny cover art on the flip.

“I just made that Virgil Pop Smoke album on IG story lol:” – so, basically, ANYONE could’ve done this

““Hey Virgil, how’s the Pop Smoke cover coming along?” – what a dweeb

“Virgil making the album cover” – we wouldn’t be shocked if this actually happened

“Virgil Abloh copying and pasting pop smoke’s face on Microsoft Paint for his album cover:” – and he almost got away with it

“Virgil Abloh googling “gangster album covers” 30 minutes before making the Pop Smoke cover” – exactly what happened

“Hey Virgil we need new album art, they ain’t going for this bullsh*t. Love ya work let’s get to it. Steven i told you this sh*t was eww let’s get it right! #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi” – and that’s that on that

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“Virgil refunding Steven Victor for the cover art” – Virgil should pay us for the distress he caused

“Pop Smoke in heaven when he sees Virgil’s design” – the angels had to hold him back

“pop smoke virgil’s cover of
pop smoke” – noooooooooooo


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