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Mariah Huq

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“Married To Medicine” creator Mariah Huq feels like she’s not getting her just due.

The reality star/producer recently revealed that despite her hand in creating the show surrounding black doctors and doctors’ wives, she hasn’t been offered a season 8 contract “doesn’t see one coming.”

Not only that, but Mariah’s also revealing that she feels slighted because she doesn’t have a more “hands-on role” behind the scenes, unlike her white male counterparts” who get preferential treatment.

“I was really perplexed and taken aback that I haven’t been a part of some of the boardroom conversations and the fact that I hadn’t received a contract or be involved in the direction of where the franchise is going,” she told TheJasmineBrand. “I think that it’s important to understand that this is my story like I am married to medicine. We’re in the midst of a pandemic right now, this is my life and I just wanted to share our story with the world.

“I do believe that I have not been treated the way my counterparts have and all I wanted is just to be treated equally and I just want equal rights as my white male counterparts,” she added. “Hell, I just want to be respected and treated decently as a cast member I don’t even get that. I’m treated worse and they did it in front of the world.”


The “Married To Medicine” OG also claimed that those Miss Quad rumors that she used cocaine were used to  “tarnish her reputation” and blackball her so she “couldn’t work Hollywood.”

Not only that, but she also told TheJasmineBrand that she was discouraged from wearing her hijab for her Muslim faith while doing confessionals and a producer allegedly told her “she would never be on TV again” if she wore one.

“They have treated me horribly so to the extent that they would not even allow me to wear a hijab when I wanted to do my confessionals,” said Mariah.” When we go on trips and when I went to Savannah I was upset, not because of any of the women initially, they only had pork to eat, so for me its more about creating change for the next people and letting them know you’re not going to just hijack my show and not give me anything and not allow me to be a part of the growth…it just happened once or twice my counterpart just said that he would gag I was gonna do it [wear the hijab] in confessional I said I wanted to show people the other side that it can exist it’s hard as hell. If you go back and look at ‘Married to Medicine’ I’ve always been covered for the most part. You go back and look at it I didn’t cover my head but they even put me in situations. I’m gonna give you an example he told me no I couldn’t wear it he would gag and faint and I would never be on TV again.”

Mariah added that she’s considering legal action because her rights as an executive producer and creator of the show are not being recognized.

What. A. Mess.

Mariah isn’t the only one not returning to “Married To Medicine”, newbie Buffie Purselle recently said she’s “never coming back” and added in her IG comments that she’s “counting down the days” till her contract’s up.


“Almost free…. counting down the days and then I’ll never speak of them or it again. #movingon,” wrote Buffie.

Would YOU watch a new season of “Married To Medicine” without Mariah Huq???




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