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Terry Crews is gone, y’all. It seems like just yesterday he was a beloved and championed member of the Black celebrity world and now he’s become one of the biggest tap-dancing sellouts we can ever remember. His sellout meter went to the maximum and he hasn’t looked back. On Monday night he went to Don Lemon’s show and had more trash things to say about Black Lives Matter:

“There are some very militant type forces in Black Lives Matter and what I was issuing was a warning.” He continued: “I’ve been a part of different groups and you see how extremes can really go far and go wild. When a warning is seen as detrimental to the movement, how can you ever have checks and balances? Black people wanting to work with other races are being viewed as sellouts, they’re being called Uncle Toms, you start to understand you’re actually being controlled. I don’t want to move from one oppressor to the next.”


He got his a$$ handed to him by Don Lemon and it was ugly. How did this even happen? How did Terry Crews go from celebrated Black star to one of the most hated in the game?!

Hit the flip to see the depressing, dramatic journey.

Terry Crews had his start in movies like White Chicks, Friday After Next and his recurring role as the cheapskate on Everybody Hates Chris. He was a comedy act who was beloved for these roles.

He became a household name when he started doing those Old Spice commercials. He was shirtless and making his pecs jump and everyone loved it. Terry Crews’ career went to new heights after this.

He then got a starring role in the copaganda show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This was his big breakout show again that locked him in as a staple in American households.

Then, as the #MeToo movement started to take over, Crews bravely came out and spoke up about a wealthy Hollywood executive who groped him at a party. Crews stood up by talking about how wealth inequalities stopped him from knocking the guy out. He did interviews and spoke eloquently about the complexities of sexual assault.

He, of course, faced backlash from a lot of men who saw what he said as as sign of weakness. 50 Cent mocked Crews for being “soft” for “allowing” that assault to happen, mimicking a lot of the reasons men (and women) don’t come forward with their experiences.

The biggest defenders of Crews were Black women, who had his back and defended him even from other men like 50 Cent. So imagine everyone’s surprise when Terry Crews threw Gabrielle Union under the bus when she was trying to speak up about the way she was treated by America’s Got Talent. Terry even went on Twitter to tell people that the only woman he had to defend was his wife.

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Terry would eventually apologize to Gabrielle but the damage was done. Terry Crews had turned a corner. He seemed to enjoy the attention his initial act of selling out gave him and he doubled down.

Then he went full steam ahead into sellout territory. He sent out a tweet that made absolutely no sense about “Black supremacy” and got dragged for it. He hasn’t stopped.

Like, wtf is this thing he’s even saying? What does this even mean? What is happening? This is just someone enjoying the attention that comes with being a sellout and basking in it. SMH.


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