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Japan Slowly Recovers From Coronavirus Outbreak

Source: Tomohiro Ohsumi / Getty

Even though the United States can’t seem to get COVID-19 under control, other countries handled the situation exponentially better–so while we look at sky-rocketing figures every single day, people across the world are going back to normal life in a way that’s actually safe for everyone involved.

Over in Japan, citizens are returning to amusement parks following months of being quarantined…but there’s just one catch. In an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus, Japanese theme parks have implemented some new guidelines within their facilities, which includes increased cleaning procedures, facemask requirements, temperature checks at all entrances, and a screaming ban on roller coasters.

Seriously, theme park attendees have been asked to stay quiet during their roller coaster rides, because experts fear shouting could potentially spread the virus to other patrons. While the idea of screaming being more likely to spread the virus makes total sense, that doesn’t change the fact that this visual is absolutely hilarious.

According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, Fuji-Q Highland amusement park released a demo video explaining this guideline to its customers. The four-minute video shows two mask-wearing executives riding on the park’s Fujiyama coaster while staying quiet the entire ride, proving a roller coaster ride without screams is indeed possible.

This new restriction is pretty impossible to enforce, which is why amusement parks are simply encouraging visitors to refrain from shrieking for the good of everyone around them. Visitors will not be punished if they do scream during the ride.



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