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Listen, anyone can make a genuine mistake and say the wrong thing that gets them in hot water with their fans, customers, and the general public. This IS NOT one of those times. Unnecessarily stepping into a steaming pile of s#!t for absolutely no reason will never make any sense to us. We’re looking at you, Desean Jackson.

A Goya Foods stand at the Mediterranean Experience Trade Fair

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Yesterday, the CEO of Goya Foods, a staple in millions of latinx households across America, stepped out of his lane to announce his love and admiration for the man who put his people, Hispanic mothers, fathers, and children, in cages for trying to come to this country to live a better life. The same life his father wanted for them when he came here from Spain, “We’re all truly blessed at the same time to have a leader like President Trump, who is a builder.”


Source: JIM WATSON / Getty

Peep his embarrassingly obsequious and traitorous remarks below.

This is pure headassery. We’re not sure if la cabeza de Unanue es hueco o lleno de mierda but we know for sure that the latinx community is NOT pleased. Both former presidential candidate Julian Castro and congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for the boycott of Goya Foods with the hashtag #Goyaway.

The activist organization United We Dream started a petition and made it clear that there will be a public reckoning and they are ready to push the agenda as far as it needs to go. “We don’t support companies who endorse and comply with a White Supremacist regime. Under capitalism, know the power of the dollar in their eyes. We’re using it to make a statement.”

Flip the page to peep some of the other hilariously incensed reactions and also some tasty black-owned alternatives to Goya products.


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