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Orlando Magic v Houston Rockets

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It ain’t gonna happen. At least WE don’t believe it’s gonna happen. As far as we’re concerned, there will not be one single NBA game played in a couple weeks when the league plans to resume the 2019-2020 season in a few weeks.

The NBA is currently in “the bubble” down in Orlando where players are supposedly going to be “safe” because they will be separated from the general public. To that, we call bulls#!t.

There is absolutely no way to ensure that players and on-site staff stay safe. This is a virus that cannot be controlled.

Just today, Russell Westbrook announced that he tested positive for COVID-19 prior to leaving to enter “the bubble” at Disney World Orlando.

Brodie’s revelation will be just one of many who will likely contract the disease regardless of what type of precautions are taken. The virus is still very mysterious and the fact that it’s just lingering in the air leaves plenty of opportunity for anyone to breathe some into their lungs.

Just call off the damn season already. It’s too risky. We all love this game and we can only imagine that some the players are anxious to get back on the court and compete but c’mon. Read the room. Read the newspaper. Read the testimony of medical professionals who are dealing with patients every single day.

Is this REALLY worth it?


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