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We knew Karaoke&B star Tory Lanez was fun-sized but we didn’t know he was (allegedly) 5’3″ 120 pounds as listed in a leaked booking report stemming from his arrest on felony gun charges while in the car with bestie Megan Thee Stallion.

According to reports, cops searched Tory’s car and found a concealed weapon after an alleged argument outside a house party. Whether or not Meg was involved, we don’t know, but she did have a cut on her foot from broken glass on the floor of that same car.

Whew, A MESS that got even messier when Twitter noticed his height and weight in the not-sure-if-accurate-report that fueled hilariously petty jokes across the internet.

Peep the pettiest reactions to Tory Lanez being listed as ‘5’3″ 120 pounds” in leaked arrest report on the flip.

“Meg Thee Stallion hiding 5’3” Tory Lanez when the cops pulled him over” – wowwwwww

“Brahhhhhh they said this was the police taking Tory Lanez to jail” – omgggggg

“Tory Lanez standing up and being the same height he was sitting down will never not be funny.” – hilarioussssss

“Tory lanez is dead 5’3 and 120 pounds” – this GIF tho…we howled

“Tory Lanez being 5’3 had to be in the car with Megan Thee Stallion like:” – you know what…

“News: “Tory Lanez arrested on serious weapons charges and could be in big trouble”

Twitter: THIS N*GGA 5’3 Y’ALL” – Twitter is ruthless

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“Nah fam Tory Lanez being 5’3” makes every song he’s ever recorded hilarious. He listening to all them old R&B tracks, feet dangling off his bed” – DANGLING noooooo

“in an interesting twist, at 5’3 & 120 pounds, Tory Lanez is my body goals.” – this is so petty

“so is tory lanez 5’3 or 5’7 cuz….” – somewhere between the two


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