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EVERYBODY loves Tina Show, even Kylie Jenner.

Megan Thee Stallion, Kylie Jenner

Source: 300 ENT / Splash News

Megan Thee Stallion, rap’s resident hot girl, sparked some confusion this weekend when she was spotted with one of her friend’s alleged “enemies.” After once again issuing Instagram heart attacks with another cake clappin’ video that caught the attention of Michael B. Jordan

Megan kicked it with her homeboy/“evil twin” Tory Lanez. The two weren’t alone, however, they were joined by Kylie Jenner for a swim in somebody’s very luxurious purple-lit pool.

If you’re wondering why all of this matters, it’s because Megan is friends with Kylie’s “ex-friend” Jordyn Woods who Kylie “fell out with” over that trifling Trystin’ cheating scandal. 

Megan and Jordyn have been spotted together numerous times showing off their bangin’ baaaaawdies…

and were Mortal Kombat characters for “Hottieween.”


“I thought megan and jordyn woods were friends but now she’s with kylie???” one Twitter user wrote. “Now wait a damn minute ain’t Megan and Jordyn like besties??” added another while @Kjbabi said it “didn’t sit well with her spirit.”




We at BOSSIP have heard rumblings that Kylie and Jordyn are actually back to being friends, so with that in mind, there’s probably nothing to worry about. Jordyn might have been at this quarantined pool party too for we all we know…

Kylie And Jordyn

Source: / Splash News

Moreover, everybody loves Megan Thee Stallion and she’s Hollywood’s current neutral party/homegirl.


What do YOU think about Megan kickin’ it with Kylie??? Wouldn’t YOU wanna hang out with Hot Girl Meg, too?


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