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Fatal Affair assets

Source: Netflix

Twitter is ABLAZE over Netflix‘s latest stalker thriller “Fatal Affair” currently trending worldwide on the streaming giant while fueling hilarious shenanigans across social media.

The film follows Ellie (Nia Long) who tries to mend her marriage with husband Marcus (Stephen Bishop) after a brief encounter with an old friend David (Omar Epps) only to find out that David is more dangerous (and stalkerish) than she’d realized.

Peep the spicy trailer below if you haven’t already:

This comes 20 years after Omar Epps and Nia Long starred together in 1999’s “In Too Deep” that paved the way for their long-awaited reunion in this wig-snatching thriller.

Peep the funniest, wildest and messiest reactions to spicy Netflix thriller “Fatal Affair.” (*WARNING* SPOILERS AHEAD).

“If his license picture looking like this just focus on yourself ma #FatalAffair” – great advice

“So… about #FatalAffair…. we gonna act like we didn’t see Nia Long talking on that upside down a** iPhone XS?!?!” – Twitter catches EVERYTHING

“*hollering*” – petttttttyyyyyyyy

“The only thing unpredictable was Estelle in #fatalaffairnetflix” – you know what…

“you mean to tell me, Ellie’s husband knocked the gun out of David’s hand and she decides to pick up a big stick instead of the gun #FatalAffair” – if characters actually made good decisions these types of movies would only be 15 minutes

“Oh, he CRAZY crazy!” – as expected

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“Me after watching Omar Epps in Fatal Affair:
#FatalAffair” – nooooooooo

“How are you a Hacker if your password is that easy?” – yeaaa, so about that…

“David is the reason I don’t date guys in I.T. #FatalAffair” – a very, uh, interesting bunch

“Am the only one who thinks that in the next movie it will be “I was caught in an entanglement,” ? #FatalAffairNetflix” – absolutely happening

“So I finished #FatalAffair and….. I’m confused. Where was the “affair”?” – it’s like a fashion show without fashions


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