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We have no idea what’s really going on with Kanye West but HE LOST HIS DAMN MIND during his first campaign rally in Charleston, South Carolina where he screamed, wept, and babbled like a programmed idiot in front of a flabbergasted crowd of onlookers.

As far as we know, he’s serious about running as a candidate for the not-sure-if-serious “Birthday Party” with a cobbled-together anti-abortion platform he pushed by revealing his almost abortion of daughter North in a horrifying moment that left him drenched in tears.

Whether this was a publicity stunt or a legit rally, we’re not exactly sure, but his bizarre comments mixed with his now-infamous attack on Harriet Tubman’s legacy reignited speculation that’s he’s off his meds (AGAIN) and extremely unwell.

Peep the Twitter chaos over Kanye’s first campaign rally on the flip.

“RIP Crying Jordan. I present to you Krying Kanye.

#2020VISION” – yikesssss

“kanye’s PR team after he opens his mouth in public” – the most stressful job in the industry

“who did it better Kanye West or Kim Kardashian” – Kimmy, always and forever

“How I see Kanye’s rally #KanyeWest” – ACCURATE

“Kanye West’s PR manager rn:” – SKRESSED

“With their fall of from relevancy, Kardashians are drooling over the amount of publicity they will get for this. Kris Kardashian salivating right now. Get Kanye help now!” – Kris can’t wait to drop this Kardashian divorce special

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“No One:

Absolutely No One:

Kanye:” – Kanye’s audacity is just… how do you say this with a straight face?

“Kim about to serve him papers! KANYE AND HIS FIRST LADY” – we hate to see it

“why is kanye crying in a bullet proof vest screaming i almost killed my daughter” – questions that need immediate answers


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