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We’re currently embroiled in yet another deeply concerning/highly entertaining Kanye episode (depending on who you ask) that spiraled completely out of control during an unhinged Twitter rant where he mentioned everyone from Kim K, Kris Jenner, Bill Cosby, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Wintour, Drake and more.

Whew lawd, it was quite the messy trainwreck with all sorts of cringe-worthy moments that concerned onlookers across social media while finally pushing his loyal fanbase to their limit.

Whether he’s actually experiencing a psychotic break, stuck in the sunken place (again) or promoting his upcoming project, we’re not quite sure, but his alarming tweetstorm sent the whole entire internet into a flabbergasted frenzy.

Peep the Twitter chaos over Drake, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence, Bill Cosby and “Get Out” trending during Kanye’s unhinged rant.

“kanye just showed us screen shots of him looking up halle berry & jennifer lawrence on google & i just want an explanation??? what the f*ck did they do?” – it was very, very bizarre

“halle berry and jennifer lawrence when they see kanye bring them up into this” – imagine minding your business and realizing that you’re trending on social media

“Halle Berry waking up from her evening nap to that tweet from Ye like:” – this wig on this baby tho

“Me trying to decipher Kayne’s messages about Bill Cosby, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lawrence and Clamye” – us, too

“Kanye watching Get Out like” – he thought it was a biopic

“They did something To Kanye in that hospital.. IDC what anyone says. ” Get Out” – this picture was one of his many cries for help

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“Kanye when he threw that “Drake 🤔” tweet out there” – just a teench of Drizzy

“Kanye West watching Get Out” – Jordan Peele doesn’t even need to respond

“Me trying to figure out what Halle Berry and Jennifer Lawrence have to do with all this…” – we were right there with you

“Can we please remember why Stan was not a happy song and really was a warning about celebrity worship?

Please? No? Aiight.” – this is so weird but we’re not shocked at all

“Kanye is showing the difference look up Halle Berry and gossip pops up.. you look up Jennifer Lawrence and it’s just her biography and achievements. It’s fucked up and we know why” – ahhhh ok

“I know Kanye is gonna be upset when he sees the number of tweets about drake while they were both trending at the same time” – yikessss


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