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Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Campaigns Across Michigan Ahead Of Primary

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the personification of a thorn in the side of conservatives, Republicans, MAGAs, and all forms of deplorable people in this country. She’s glorious in her vigor and enthusiasm to rise the ire of those who would rather see this country stay white and unequal than to recognize their privilege, ignorance, and entitlement.

AOC was recently accosted by one of these right-wing zealot a$$holes in the form of Florida Rep. Ted Yoho. Yoho was leaving the Capitol as AOC was walking in and he just couldn’t help himself but be a d!¢k. According to a report in The Hill, Yoho walked up to the congresswoman, finger in her face, and began berating her with claims of “disgusting”, “dangerous”, and “out of (her) freaking mind”. After being told he was rude, the two parted ways and went about their business. A few steps later, Yoho belted out, “F***ing b!t¢h!”.

Oh, word?

“That kind of confrontation hasn’t ever happened to me — ever,” she said. “I’ve never had that kind of abrupt, disgusting kind of disrespect levied at me.”

Cowardly Ted Yoho was asked later about his ugly language and he couldn’t say it with his chest again, so he offered an impotent “no comment”.

Well, AOC was NOT about to let that slide. She took to the House floor this afternoon to put the whole thing on record.

She didn’t quite write a song about it, but there were definitely some bars. Like to hear it? Here it go…



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