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For the rest of the 2019-2020 season, the NBA decided to go down south to set up camp at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The humongous EPSN campus has enough basketball courts and facilities to house all 22 teams comfortably and, most importantly, safely. The biggest hurdle comes in the form of the players and keeping 22 full teams in one isolated area for upwards of three months. Without the vices of women, nightlife, and limited options for fun in the bubble, many deem the task impossible.

We’re only a few weeks in and some players have already departed from Orlando due to ‘family emergencies,’ with the media and fans questioning the authenticity of their reasons for departing so soon. Lou Williams is one of the players who recently left the bubble due to an emergency, but that all went south when he was spotted on social media at famous Atlanta strip club Magic City.

Louisville rapper Jack Harlow posted a picture of him with Williams on his Instagram with the caption, “A Location U Would Never Guess.” The problem with that caption is that its 2020 and social media loves a good challenge that involves them turning into detectives–especially to crack a case that involves solving where a celebrity is when they aren’t supposed to be there.

It didn’t take long for social media sleuths to find out that Lou and Jack were in one of Atlanta’s most infamous strip clubs. Jack almost immediately deleted the Instagram post, but as always, screenshots live forever.

Following some backlash, Lou would hop on his own Twitter page to check all the haters and let them know he was back in Atlanta for a funeral.

After posting about the funeral and paying respects to his OG, Lou had to tap in with social media, where basketball Twitter was trying to discredit his reason for leaving the bubble. Lou posted that everyone knows his favorite restaurant is Magic City, and to be fair, he isn’t lying;

Magic City is known for its food and with everyone popping in for a pick-up order, it’s no telling who you can run into. In this case, a picture doesn’t tell the whole story.

Only those familiar with Atlanta and Magic City understand how easy it is for this mix-up to happen and what it looks like to those who don’t know strip club food. The fact that Lou is actually telling the truth makes it that much funnier that people don’t believe it. Plus, he left to attend his father’s funeral, if he wants to cheer himself up and see some a$$ shaking before heading back to a 3-month lockdown, do we really blame him?


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