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Lake Lanier

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Listen, this might not mean a whole lot to people outside of the state of Georgia, but since we are based in Atlanta we feel it’s only right that we, the writers at Bossip, convey this message to all who might visit this state one day: please stop swimming in Lake Lanier.

Multiple times every year, especially during the summer, Lake Lanier trends on social media for claiming the life of another daughter, son, brother, mother, father, sister, cousin, friend. It happens. All. The. Time. It’s mind-numbing how many people have met their fate in this lake.

Today, a WSB-TV report stated that a young boy, age 17, drowned yesterday afternoon. Cristofer Acosta-farias of Gainesville was seen going under while swimming and he never resurfaced. His body was recovered within an hour of the search.

At this time there is no word on exactly what caused the boy to drown.

Again, we can’t stress enough how dangerous Lake Lanier is. Here’s a little history that may help explain. Lake Lanier is a man-made body of water that was created in 1957 by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers by flooding 50,000 acres of land that included homes, businesses, and wait for it…a cemetery. Over the years, submerged gravesites have been upended and locals reported contact with dead bodies.

“You reach out into the dark and you feel an arm or a leg and it doesn’t move. That’s creepy,” Buck Buchanan, a local diver said.

Rest in peace to this young man. Prayers up for his family. The rest of you have been warned…


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