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8mm Movie Camera

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If you’re looking to own a little piece of Black trauma history then you’ve clicked on the right post.

According to TMZ, George Holliday, the man who serendipitously recorded Rodney King being bludgeoned by LAPD officers on the night of March 3, 1991. The result of that recording was another win for the crooked “justice” system that allowed 4 white cops to walk free, days of riots in South Central Los Angeles, and a nation who fancied itself “done” with racism having to look in the mirror one mo’ gin.

Mr. Holliday has held on to the camera that semi-changed America for almost 30 years and now he’s ready to part with his prized possession…for a small fee. Nate D. Sanders is the auction house that will be conducting the sale of one of the most famous cameras in American history and the bidding will begin promptly at $225,000. With that kind of starting point, the folks at Sanders must expect BIG money to roll in. There is no word on whether or not the OG Rodney King tape will come along for the ride but we’re inclined to believe that capitalism demands a whole separate auction for that type of “prize”. Yuck.

Listen, this is Mr. Holliday’s property and ultimately he can do with it what he wishes but there something about the sale of Black trauma just doesn’t sit right with our spirit. We’d rather see the camera in the National Museum of African American History and Culture than to hear about it hanging over some white man’s fireplace like a severed taxidermy head.

Hopefully, someone Black buys it and does the right thing with it. Somebody get The Carters, Oprah, Tyler Perry, Steve Harvey, Robert Johnson, Ice Cube, Will Packer, Rihanna, SOMEBODY on the phone to handle this!


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