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ESSENCE After Dark - Day 1

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Jess Hilarious has been on a hell of a downward spiral in the last year or so, finding herself at the bottom end of every negative controversy imaginable. First, it was the Now, she’s making things even worse for herself by posting up a video of a “reenactment” of Tory Lanez shooting Megan Thee Stallion. It’s…uh…not remotely funny.

Ironically, it was Jess who ranted about cancel culture a few months ago via her instagram. In a video posted on June 6th, she went off on social media about people’s quick impulse to cancel celebrities over rumors and accusations.

”I see that Tee Grizzly and Queen Naija have a song together that they created for Black Lives Matter”, Jess said furiously. “But when you look in the comments, all you see is comments about ‘ain’t she a colorists’ and negativity like that, but who cares? I thought the point was to support the movement?!”

Jess continues on to say, ”Ya’ll talking about we want Lauryn Hill, we will be waiting until next year my n*gga like ya’ll need to take what we give you. Ya’ll don’t have a f*cking platform, but y’all trying to cancel everyone with one!”

Now, with her weak attempt to reenact the Megan and Tory Lanez shooting, she has even more reason to be canceled. Check out the full version ABOVE. She even writes a disclaimer too stating, “I do not condone violence in no way, shape, or form. This is strictly for entertainment purposes.”  We don’t see anything entertaining about it, sis. The internet is dragging the hell out of her for that trash video too. Hit the flips to see Twitter go off.


“Jess Hilarious reminds me of that girl in High School that always tried to clown someone in front of other people to look cool but wore the same huarache’s while eating hot cheetos and drinking an Arizona for breakfast.”

“Jess Hilarious posting that “re-enactment” of Meg’s shooting for “entertainment purposes”, after Meg shared her feelings today, is incredibly violent and ugly.”

“Jess Hilarious has a career built on messiness and pick-me rhetoric. Girl, go get some therapy so you can figure out why you don’t like yourself and other women.”

“JessHilarious posted that absolutely horrific “reenactment” of Meg getting shot and B. Simone liked it. Where is cancel culture when you need it?”

“The only time Jess Hilarious was funny was when she was taking care of that married man’s nine children.”

“this how hard i be laughing watching jesshilarious videos”

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“I’ll never forgive the people who gave Jess Hilarious a career. In fact, I’d like a word”

“JessHilarious can NEVER read a room. I don’t find her particularly funny anyways….but you just wanted to get your joke off so bad at another black woman’s expense…..huh?”

“It’s so hilarious to me that everyone making fun of Megan is losing their opportunities and having to publicly apologizing to meg and then here comes Jess un-hilarious trying to make fun of it despite the fact that everyone calling out people doing it”


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