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Funeral Held For Rep. John Lewis At Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church

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John Lewis’ homegoing service was a thing of beauty. We had beautiful tributes honoring his greatness as a politician and a man. Our President Barack Obama gave a beautiful speech that demanded a whole lot of systemic changes. Before him came Bill Clinton who eulogized the activist. Bill has earned the love and trust of a lot of Black Americans but more interrogation of his history has made him more criticized than before. He’s not doing himself any favors by saying things like this:

“Just three years later, he lost the leadership of SNCC to Stokely Carmichael because it was a pretty good job for a guy that young and come from Troy, Alabama. It must have been painful to lose, but he showed as a young man there’s some things that you just cannot do to hang on to a position because if you do, then, you won’t be who you are anymore. And I say there were two or three years there, where the movement went a little too far towards Stokely, but in the end, John Lewis prevailed. We are here today because he had the kind of character he showed when he lost an election.”

So you stand there at a funeral for one activist and discredit another activist?

Word? As a result, Bill has gotten rightfully dragged for this big trash moment.

“Bill Clinton saying that “the movement went too far towards Stokley” at John Lewis’ homegoing is beyond disrespectful and another reason why black people should refrain from giving away “cookout passes””

“This clip shows why Bill Clinton & the Democratic Party hate Black men/women like Kwame Ture (Stokley Carmichael). They hate Black folks who don’t buy into the propaganda.”

“So Clinton thinks because Black people are open to him he has the right or standing to judge the validity of our movement?

We stand on the both the civil rights and the Black Power movement.
’s work IS a part of the legacy of Stokley Carmichael aka Kwame Toure. ✊🏾”

“Bill Clinton trying to pit Stokley Carmichael and John Lewis against each other in death is vile and disgusting.”

“Oh Bill, you patronizing old white man responsible for locking up thousands of black men. Don’t you realize during the biggest civil rights uprising in a decade you’re radicalizing an entire new generation, now googling “Stokely Carmichael”? Good trouble means changing the Dems.”

“This is the clown that you other clowns called the first black presidentClown faceBill Clinton shouldn’t even be allowed to speak on civil rights activists like Stokely Carmichael/ Kwame Ture, given the harm bill has caused our community. He just created a new genre of stokley fans tho👌🏾”

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“y’all just be letting anyone speak at black icon funerals and letting them say anything.

After Clinton brought up Stokley the mic should’ve just went mute.

It’s hundreds and thousands black men still locked up due to this mans tough on crime policies”

“I woke up itching with anger: “the movement went a little bit to far toward Stokley but in the end John Lewis prevailed.”

The hubris and insult to do this at Lewis’s funeral.

I’ve been done with Clinton since welfare reform, but I curse his name this morning.”

“A reminder to Bill Clinton having the caucasity to invoke Stokley Carmichaels name from his actual friend Dick Gregory:”


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