“F**k G-Unit!!”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

While performing at a show over the weekend, former G-Unit member Young Buck shouted out, “F**k G-Unit!” then went on to explain his beef with Bugs Monkey:

“When I made the statement, ‘I ain’t never seen a royalty check,’ I didn’t say that sh** saying that the n**** 50 done took money from me or none of that ol’ sh**. I said it ’cause it’s real n****. When I say sh**, I mean the sh**. He took it a different way. I guess the n**** felt like I’m airing out family business or whatever.

He didn’t stop his rant there however. Buck continued on, letting 50 know his money can’t save him when he hits “rock bottom.

‘The n**** outta control … he feel like he got a whole lot until the n**** hit rock bottom and he got to crawl his ass back up,” explained Buck. “The different between me and a motherf***in’ 50 Cent is that I can hit the gutter n****. I can get back in the streets … on some real n**** sh** I can get right back out here — where all my people reside — and get money. I guarantee he couldn’t go back to his and do the same.'”

There’s no love lost between these two cats. Click here to watch Young Buck’s entire drunken tirade. SMH.


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  • Mz.Jessica Yes WE can!!!


  • I'm Just Me


  • I'm Just Me

    Dammit! #2

  • Royal Chocolate

    1st…..to say that he is a stupid ass

  • Happy

    He better chill with that crap or 50 will burn down his house too!!!!

  • LdyK

    why does he have to go back and sell drugs though…damn. invest your money from the stupid ass chain and le your money work for you!

  • LdyK


  • I'm Just Me


  • NoWay

    Dear foolish Negro,

    Now the FEDS know where they can find you when things get to rock bottom. Somebody tie a rope around this idiots mouth. Sheesh.

  • num1dominicano

    I’m not a huge 50 fan….but 50 would buy and sell Buck….what does Buck have??

  • swoosh

    @ i’m just me

    i feel the same way!!!!!!!!

  • Keesha

    As much as I like 50’s arrogance and cockiness, I think if he keeps it up it will be his downfall. He needs to stop burning bridges because in this business it’s only a matter of time before you need a favor.

  • mandingo

    Keesha, I will agree that 50 is cocky, but one thing you can’t say about him is that he does not look out for his people. All that he expects is loyality. Young Buck had nothing before he met 50, so there is no way buck should be disloyal and disrespectful. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  • http://en.gravatar.com/avatar/522ae813d0291146b3c70cd56c2834f3?s=80&r=any NIKKI UNDERWOOD (Left hand'll lean 'em like a little past six)

    Curtis is done in 4 mins. Fishy need to spend that doe and leave us alone….sorry for speaking for yall….

  • Keesha

    @ mandingo

    True, but it seems to me that he expects people to stay in his circle, which considering all his beef, is a very small one. Through his beef he has limited himself and those in his circle.

    @ Seet Deh

    50 built his career on beef, now he needs to realize that he doesn’t need to beef anymore to stay relevant. His antics are getting old.

  • Aunt Viv

    “I can get back in the streets … on some real n**** sh** I can get right back out here — where all my people reside — and get money. I guarantee he couldn’t go back to his and do the same.’”

    Young Buck got no bucks to speak of. If he “can get right back out here” and “get money” why doesn’t he?

  • I'm Just Me

    I am sorry to all the 50 stans, I am sorry but there are two sides to every story and I doubt vaneer wearing 50 is all humble, honest and forth-right. He is a hustler too you know and i can easily see him taking food out the mouths of other’s to feed his. Heck…he is disrespectful to everyone, insulting and quite frankly he isn’t cute and his lyrics ain’t all that. Although I don’t think Buck should have went on a drunken rampage….I don’t he was lying at all

    And of course when you are in a group with someone you have to act like you like them and all get along. Shyt he was trying to eat too.

    Bucky i ain’t mad at you baby!!

    And yes I am so a Young Buck Stan!!!

  • Lauren

    Alrighty then Young Buckaroo….calm the eff down boo boo…I’m sure 50 is not thinkin about yo ass while he’s chillin on his yacht collectin from royalties from his 2nd album, movies, friggin vitamin water, and clothing line….he won’t hit rock bottom anytime soon….

    AND I’M NOT A 50 STAN….

  • corey

    G-Unit stands for: PURE IGNORANCE!!!!!!!!

  • http://none Body

    Young Buck will become Old Buck…then will just become Old.

  • Sara

    I guess we’ll be seeing a whole bunch of G-unit clothes on ebay. Maybe he’ll just sell it all as one lot.

  • Link9

    Well, with that being said this is not going to end nice. You can tell 50 cent is doing him just like he is doing The Game. 50 cent say that Buck is no longer w/ the G-Unit group but is still under the G-Unit label so he is just going to get his slice of the pie next time Young Buck drops an Album just like he is doing The Game. Why u think The Game wants to quit. 50 f*cked him over.

  • Blacksmith

    And so it begins….

  • ME



  • http://deleted AZShakur

    @ Link9

    I thought that Game was never signed to U-Unit but instead to Aftermath and Dre.

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