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A beautiful black love story might be unfolding on “Married At First Sight” that’s melting fans into heart-eye goo.

Woody and Amani

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Woody and Amani are one of the couples on #MAFS season 11 who tied the knot after meeting for the first time at the altar. Like the other four couples that include Woody’s best friend Miles who wed sweet and shy Karen, Amani and Woody were complete strangers when they said their “I Dos” in the Big Easy.

Still, despite not knowing each other, viewers instantly noticed sparks flying between the teacher and non-profit organizer.

Woody’s eyes lit up when he saw Amani and he sweetly kissed her hands like a gentleman, later the two flirted and Amani admitted that she was attracted to her stranger spouse before they burned up the dance floor during their Second Line sendoff.

Tonight, viewers will see this fun couple embark on a romantic honeymoon where the sparks between them could turn into a full-blown blaze as things get steamy. We won’t spoil anything, but Mr. and Mrs. Randall continue to have, ahem, intimate moments, as Woody successfully knocks down notches on Amani’s “chastity belt.”

BOSSIP recently spoke with Amani about her protective friends’ reaction to her wedding a stranger, her connection with her so-called “extra” husband, and her fathers’ reaction to Woody.

She also shared details about their first dance and gave us a BTS exclusive about their special day; check it out below.

You have true ride or die friends, how did your friends initially react to you signing up for #MAFS and how do they feel about things now?

“Yas! My friends are the DEFINITION of ride or die. I love them! My friends were really supportive from the beginning. The only thing I wish I could’ve gotten was for one of them to do it with me; I didn’t get lucky like Woody and Miles! They were all of course very concerned and had questions but they were there throughout the entire process.

They continue to be my sounding board while I sort through my emotions. My friends accepted Woody as their friend also. My friends are an extension of my family, so it meant a lot that they met Woody and got along with him at the wedding and afterward also.”

Watching you and Woody on your wedding day was magical, you two seemed to instantly click, what was it like meeting your husband for the first time?

“Walking down the aisle all I could do was smile super big because I was nervous. My way of working through that was to immediately ask him if he was nervous too. I think between him also being nervous and both of us smiling during our introductions, a sense of relief overcame me at the altar. In my mind, I imagined that on the wedding day I would be so overwhelmed with emotion and I wouldn’t be able to get through my vows. I was a wreck inside but on the outside, I felt a peace. Woody kissed my hand at the altar when we met and he asked before he kissed me after we jumped the broom. He made me feel comfortable from the beginning.”

You said that you didn’t want a husband that was “too extra” and some viewers definitely think your husband could fit that term, what do you think about his outgoing personality?

“When I said I didn’t want a husband that was “too extra” I meant a guy that is putting on a show. Someone who is filled with drama and tries so hard to be seen. I don’t think Woody is too extra at all. He is outgoing and fun but he doesn’t do too much and he matches the energy of the room. I asked the experts for a husband with an outgoing personality because I straddle the line of homebody and outgoing. I need someone who will pull me out of my comfort zone sometimes. I didn’t want someone that I would have to push to be more adventurous.”

You and Woody both like to dance, what was your first dance like at the reception?

“Our first dance was truly special; it was like something out of a movie! Woody beautifully sang “Best Part” by Daniel Ceasar and H.E.R. in my ear while we danced in sync with each other. I thought our first dance would’ve been awkward since we didn’t know each other but I think our love for music and a good time took over in that moment. The vibe had been gentle and welcoming between us already so the dancing came naturally. We later found out that we both picked the same song for our first dance. That’s probably why we sang it so hard, lol Shout out to our producers for making our first dance special with real music and not the “approved for tv” music.”

Woody and Amani

Source: Kinetic Content / Kinetic Content

Both of your dads seemed to really click with Woody, have they been supportive of men you dated in the past?

“My biological dad, Marlo, has only met one guy that I’ve dated. My stepdad, Stacy, has met that same guy and one more. Both of these guys only interacted with my parents for one occasion and they were cordial with them. My dads have never voiced any disapproval of any guy I was dating mainly because they’ve never had the opportunity. I was conducting a thorough screening process before I even mentioned a potential guy’s name around my parents. I’m excited that my dads got to meet Woody when I met him. It’s almost like my dads get to intimidate my date before we go to the movies. I never had that intimidating first date moment with my dads. They’re firm and supportive but aren’t super overbearing with that communication. I know they have my back though.”

What’s your favorite memory from your wedding or reception?

“My favorite memory from the wedding has to be the vow recital between Woody and I. I feel like in that moment we were able to get a glimpse into each other’s personalities. Us exchanging our vows gave us a chance to make a deeper first impression. We were strangers but at least we were vowing to give it a shot together.”

What’s something that happened behind the scenes at the wedding that you wish viewers saw on camera?

“I wish viewers were able to see how deep of a connection Woody and I’s families developed with each other. The energy between our families during the wedding celebration was as genuine as everyone sees us being with one another. Everyone exchanged phone numbers, laughed, and danced like one big family. I couldn’t have imagined a better wedding, especially under these different circumstances. I’m happy to have had such an enjoyable wedding process from beginning to end even without knowing my spouse prior to nuptials.”

Things seem to be so far, so GREAT between these two and we hope they stay that way.



You can see more of these instantly connected cuties when “Married At First Sight” airs tonight at  8 p.m. on Lifetime.


Take a peek at the new epsiode below.


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