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Attention “Married At First Sight” fans, our bets are on Karen and Miles.

Miles and Karen Married at First Sight

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As previously reported season 11 takes place in New Orleans and includes 17 two-hour episodes featuring people who want to be Bayou blessed with a stranger spouse.

The cast of the Kinetic Content produced show includes med student Amelia and artistic director Bennett; IT worker Brett and nurse Olivia; recruiter Henry and flight attendant Christina; and teacher and coach Woody, and non-profit organizer Amani.

One couple has been making headlines in particular; fan faves and our personal faves, Karen and Miles.


Miles is a 26-year-old education worker who’s been matched with consultant Karen, 30, who has doubts about getting married to a complete stranger. Viewers watched these two prepare separately for their big day walking down the aisle that luckily looks like it could lead to a promising partnership.

And while Miles was ecstatic about finding a potential soulmate, Karen was seen struggling to cope with her decision to marry someone sight unseen. As previously reported those doubts reached a fever pitch when someone shadily revealed Miles’ identity to Karen before their wedding; a huge #MAFS no-no. That lead to this sweet and shy beauty to scour through Miles’ social media and wince at how glaringly “emotional” her hubby-to-be seemed to be.

Still, Karen went through with the matchmaking and met Miles down the aisle where they said “I do” and shared a sweet kiss on the cheek. Later, they’d have their first dance and their “first date” at their reception before ending the night with a NOLA style second line and a very PG-13 foot rub.

Cuteness overload.

BOSSIP recently spoke with Karen about her decision to apply for “Married At First Sight”, her big day, and finding out Miles’ identity before meeting him in person.

She also shared with us the super sweet gift her husband gifted her on her wedding day; check it out below.

Karen, you said several times that you don’t take risks but still decided to do MAFS, can you tell us about the exact moment you decided to start the application process? Were you nervous?

“Yes, I was nervous! Haha. One of my friends suggested I apply when they saw the MAFS NOLA promo. I had not heard anything about the show prior to that, so I figured “what’s the harm in applying?” After callbacks, I went back and forth a lot on whether or not I wanted to take such a huge risk. But I thought to myself “everything happens for a reason” and I believe that some of the best things can happen when you step outside of your comfort zone. As hard as it was, I decided to take the risk and be brave in the pursuit of finding love.”

Looking back, do you think you were too judgmental about Miles’ social media? Would you have been comfortable with Miles knowing your name and seeing your social media beforehand?

“I don’t think I was too judgemental about Miles’ social media. I had concerns, but none of them were deal-breakers by any means. Looking back, I wish my match had not been revealed to my bridesmaid the night before my wedding. It ruined the experience for me and I didn’t know if that mistake was a sign that I shouldn’t go through with being married to a stranger.

Since the premise of the show is to “marry a stranger,” I think it’s good that Miles didn’t know who I was. However, if the tables had been turned, I wouldn’t blame him for being curious about my identity. Miles even asked why I didn’t send him a message when I found out who he was! I didn’t want to ruin the experience for him! So no– I wouldn’t have minded if he found out my name and looked at my social media, but I am glad he didn’t have to miss out on the full experience of marrying a stranger.”

What was your first thought when you saw Miles?

“OMG. There he is! Is this really happening? YES! He wore burgundy. That’s a good sign.” I thought Miles looked very handsome and was impressed that he went with the burgundy blazer for his suit. Burgundy was one of the wedding colors and I thought it was brave of him to pick that color. He looked great in it!

What was your thought when Miles kept assuring that “he’s got you” during the wedding?

“I thought it was very kind of him to reassure me. Miles looked just as nervous as me honestly, but I thought it was sweet that despite his fear and nervousness, he made sure to comfort me. He definitely got some points for that!”

How was your first dance at the reception with Miles?

The first dance was really nice. We acknowledged how awkward the situation was– dancing with our stranger spouse while a room of our closest family and friends was watching– but we enjoyed the moment. We laughed together, cracked jokes, and just got a moment to take in each other’s energy. I think it ended up being a great ice breaker.

What’s your favorite memory from your wedding or reception?

“I have so many favorite moments from that day. The first was when we started rapping the same song together word-for-word while waiting on our food. The second was when my friends and I were on the dance floor. Miles was chatting with family and friends off to the side. There was a song that came on (I don’t remember exactly what song it was). But man, it was apparently my song. I started dancing and Miles ran over from across the room to see what kind of moves I had. I thought that was super cute. I also loved our second line at the end. It’s a NOLA tradition. Miles asked me to show him what to do and we ended up having a blast! I think it’s pretty cool that I got to show him that in real-time at our wedding.”

What’s something that happened behind the scenes at the wedding that you wish viewers saw on camera?

“I wish the cameras would have captured my favorite memories previously mentioned from the reception- so much wasn’t aired! There was also a moment shortly before I walked down the aisle that a gift box was given to me from Miles. There was a letter, a guided playlist for our big day and a few thoughtful items in the box. I was overwhelmed with so many good and comforting emotions in that moment. And it was so much fun to read the playlist– a lot of the songs on his wedding day playlist were also on mine. I still have the box and the letter. We had such a great time at our wedding and were very comfortable with one another from the beginning.”

You can fall for Karen and Miles when “Married At First Sight” airs tonight at  8 p.m. on Lifetime—-will YOU be watching???


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