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Kanye West’s presidential bid is falling apart. There’s allegations of voter fraud and threats of possible jail time. He’s off of ballots in a lot of states. He has no chance of winning and Politico has these alarming numbers:

In a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, West garnered 2 percent support overall among registered voters, 7 points behind the “no opinion” option. His support among African American voters is just as meager — 2 percent — and Biden’s 9-point national lead over Trump is unmoved with or without West on the ballot.

It’s pretty clear that the Kanye presidential experiment is a disaster. That hasn’t stopped some pretty powerful people from having his back and wanting him to win. First it was Chance The Rapper who looked like a whole idiot before having to recant his support of Yeezy.

Today, it’s DaBaby who followed with his own desire to see Yeezy win.

“Ima let y’all finish….

But you got me f**** up you think I ain’t voting for Ye.”

His tweet came after Kanye used his adlib on Twitter, so maybe he was just excited???


This went about as bad as you thought it would. He’s getting dragged and it’s like his 2019 never happened. This is a bad move…hit the flip to see it all.

“People like Da Baby are going to vote for Kanye because they think that if he gets the power they’ll have the power too, you’re not thinking with your mind sir..put all friendships aside and think to yourself “is he really fit to run a whole country?”

“Da baby is not my baby anymore if he votes for Kanye. I’m not playing.”

“Your name is Da Baby & your brain is developed like a baby. So this is not a surprise or coincidence that Kanye would be the “candidate” of your choice.”

“kanye west supports donald trump & white supremacy so I’m just honestly confused as to why someone like da baby even takes interest in voting for ye Woozy face he too is an example of all skinfolk ain’t kinfolk”

“Da Baby slaps women but y’all mad he’s voting for Kanye West, he slaps women are you even surprised?”

“I’m starting to think Kanye mistaked “lil baby” for “da baby” during his twitter rant a couple weeks ago LMFAO”

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“Da baby is officially done for me after saying he’s voting for Kanye”

“Da baby announcing that he’s voting for Kanye is trash. A lot of celebrities have been coming out as coons lately…”

“Unfortunately there will prob be a lot of BLACK celebrities like Da Baby and Nick Cannon that are going to vote for Kanye”


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