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“The word PLOT is very dangerous to me, it implies something very malicious and intentional which it was not…”

Robyn Dixon

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

Robyn Dixon has spoken.

The Real Housewife of Potomac was a guest on BOSSIP’s Instagram Live to discuss all things season 5 including newbie Wendy Osefo, her Emebllshed hat line business, and her re-engagement to her longtime love Juan Dixon.

She also addressed those allegations that she was part of a super shady plot to spread a “nasty rumor” about Monique Samuels.

As previously reported Monique went viral after an Instagram Live where she alleged that several of her castmates plotted to take her down” by spreading a fake rumor that her youngest son, Chase, was not her husband’s.

According to Monique, the plotting happened after Andy Cohen’s baby shower and during the sitdownGizelle Bryant was adamant that she wanted to bring the cheating/paternity rumor up at the #RHOP season 4 reunion. Karen Huger later learned about the alleged shady dinner and told Monique who balked at Candiace Dillard not telling Monique about Gizelle and the alleged plot.

“Apparently, Gizelle says she’s gonna bring this to the reunion and I’m gonna tell people that ‘Chase isn’t Chris’ [son]”, said Monique. Then Candiace spoke up and said; ‘Chase looks just like Chris, no one’s gonna believe that!’”

To bring up my child’s name when you now the mess ain’t true? How low down and disgusting is that?! Candiace never came to me with it, she never told until we were about to start filming season 5, Candiace only told me because I asked her about it.”

Robyn’s name was brought up in the mix and she told BOSSIP’s Deputy Editor @IamDaniCanda that she had nothing to do with it while noting that yes, a dinner did take place where gossip was discussed.

“I can say that we definitely had dinner, there was no plot, there was no ‘Hey, let’s get together so we can plot and talk about Monique and this rumor!’,” said Robyn on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap.

“It was a normal dinner just like any other day. Usually, when we get together for dinner we talk about everything, so to be honest, I don’t remember anything about that dinner because that’s how insignificant it was.

I can’t confirm nor deny what was discussed however there was no plot. Why do you need a plot? All someone needs to do is repeat the rumor. So it made it sound like everyone was sitting around talking—if they wanna talk about it, they can talk about it. That rumor, I don’t appreciate is that they made it sound like we made the rumor up. EVERYBODY on the cast knows the rumor, we already knew the rumor. The fact that it’s [framed as] ‘we plotted to put out a rumor that we already knew about’— the word PLOT is very dangerous to me. It implies something very malicious and intentional which it was not.

People are not only blaming Gizelle, but they’re blaming me. There’s no worse feeling than being accused of something that you did not do. I’ve been very upset over the past couple of days.”

During BOSSIP’s Reality Recap fans watching the Instagram Live accused Robyn of lying about the alleged plot and she responded.

“The people are saying, ‘Robyn we don’t believe you!’ I don’t know what you want me to say. I don’t remember anything about this dinner, like I said the rumor was out there. It was her friend, her friend called a lot of people and talked about the rumor. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know. I don’t care.”

She also added that she watched Monique’s Instagram Live and said it was disturbing to see her speak with so much “conviction.” Later she added that Candiace Dillard’s IG Live about the alleged plot painted an inaccurate picture.

“I haven’t spoken to Candiace about this, I don’t know what she’s talking about. She made it seem like we said, ‘Let’s together so we can plot.’ It just sounded very salacious and exaggerated. I really don’t know why she would spread that.”

Whew chile!


Robyn also responded to Monique’s claims that she still spoke with Gizelle after the alleged plot because she wanted to be “professional” noting that that “doesn’t make sense.”


You can watch Robyn on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap below. Plot allegation questions start at 11:19.



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