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The ongoing drama on #RHOP has taken a new turn and fans of the Bravo show want someone booted from the cast.

Monique Samuels, Gizelle Bryant

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

As previously reported both Candiace Dillard and Monique Samuels went live on Instagram to discuss the new season that will include a physical fight between them at a winery. The two were seemingly making amends until Monique accused Candiace of kiki’ing with ex-housewife Charrisse Jordan, someone allegedly facilitating “nasty rumors about Mo’s family.”

Candiace countered however that Charrisse is innocent and instead said a woman named GiGi, Monique’s ex-best friend, actually spread the rumors herself.

Last night, Monique went live on Instagram to set the record straight and things got HEATED.  During her live that she did alongside her hubby Chris Samuels, Monique confirmed that GiGi indeed did spread vicious rumors about her including one that “she lied about a miscarriage and actually had an abortion.”

“Y’all know I had a miscarriage in 2017,” said Monique on IG Live. “This is what she [GiGi] says on one of her posts; ‘When people have abortions and call it a miscarriage, you miscarried your legs to the slaughterhouse. That miscarriage B.S. she’s parading around is some publicity B.S., that girl didn’t even want that baby! I think she had an abortion and it’s actually starting to piss me off.'”

According to Monique the woman then contacted production and urged them to ask Monique for “receipts” that she miscarried. “I guess my husband witnessing the miscarriage wasn’t enough of a receipt,” said Mo.

She later alleged that GiGi contacted Candiace and talked on the phone with her for two hours before Candiace passed GiGi’s number to Charisse, who was “trying to get back on the show.” Candiace admitted in her own live, that she gave GiGi Charrisse’s number. Monique also added that GiGi started a NASTY, NASTY rumor that she’d actually cheated on her husband, and the child she was carrying, her youngest son Chase, wasn’t his. 

“Later on down the line, once she finds out that I was pregnant she then starts saying that I was cheating on Chris and the baby wasn’t Chris’, all of this while I’m having a high-risk pregnancy,” said Monique.

Hit the flip to see how Gizelle Bryant allegedly comes in.
Monique claims that Robyn Dixon, Gizelle, Candiace, and a “few other people”  had a dinner after Andy Cohen’s baby shower to “plot” on her. Allegedly during the sitdown, Gizelle was adamant that she wanted to bring the cheating/paternity rumor up at the #RHOP season 4 reunion. Karen Huger later learned about the alleged shady dinner and told Monique who balked at Candiace not telling her about Gizelle’s alleged plot.

“Apparently, Gizelle says she’s gonna bring this to the reunion and I’m gonna tell people that ‘Chase isn’t Chris’ [son]”, said Monique. Then Candiace spoke up and said; ‘Chase looks just like Chris, no one’s gonna believe that!’”

To bring up my child’s name when you now the mess ain’t true? How low down and disgusting is that?! Candiace never came to me with it, she never told until we were about to start filming season 5, Candiace only told me because I asked her about it.”

Monique also noted that none of this had anything to do with “the fight” between her and Candiace and noted that while yes, viewers saw her have a sitdown with Gizelle this season, she only did that to “be professional.”

“At the end of the day, you get to a point where you’re fed up. You have to understand that I spent two years [going through this], I have had to be professional and work with these heifers and still show and put a smile on my face. So when y’all sit back and say, ‘Oh you forgave Gizelle for what she did!’  I never forgave anything, she never brought it to me. I never forgave that, I had to be a professional and show up and do my job.

The problem I have with Candiace is that she was showing me a friendly face but doing some real shady crap behind my back. I’m expecting for a person who’s supposed to be my friend to consider me the same way I consider them. That’s the problem I have with her.”

Monique & Candiace

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

Whewwww chile!

Monique’s husband Chris also had LOTS to say on Instagram Live about the ladies slandering his son’s name.

“It’s some facts stuff that I’ve seen with my own eyes but I respect people’s families,” said Chris. “At the end of the day that ain’t my character to be going after people, going after family, this is a woman’s thing, that’s their fight.

Y’all some dirty tricks, I don’t fool with y’all, I’m not gonna play this game. I wish I could turn into Bruce Jenner and slap the s*** out all y’all. I respect ‘y’alls families and y’all babies. Y’all some dirty people. Putting my baby in it?! Y’all lucky that I’m a man because I would stomp the s*** outta y’all. Y’all keep taking the gloves off with me then I’m gonna take em off back. It’s foul, I don’t appreciate it. […]

“Bringing up my babies is gonna get somebody a** kicked. I’m just being honest.”


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Y’all done PISSED us off!

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So far neither Candiace nor Gizelle have responded to Monique’s claims about the shady “plotting” dinner.

Now that fans have heard that Gizelle tried to spread that fictitious paternity story about Monique, they’re likening Gizelle to Phaedra Parks who was fired for spreading that dungeon druggin’ rumor about Kandi, and they want her gone.

Messy, messy, messy. Mind you, all this drama is happening and we’ve only seen TWO EPISODES of the Real Housewives of Potomac season 5.


What do YOU think about Monique “exposing” Gizelle Bryant and Candiace Dillard??? Whose side are you on???

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Smiling because it’s #TacoTuesday 🌮 I can’t wait!

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