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Here’s a question for the sexes — Masika Kalysha was recently a guest on the “This Is 50” IGTV show when the hosts asked her whether she would be willing to split bills with her mate. Masika’s answer — absolutely not.

“Do you believe in splitting bills?” “This Is 50” personality Hynaken asked Masika.

“I don’t split sh*t with a ni**a,” Masika responded. “That’s called being the head of the household. That’s your job.”

“A lotta hypocrisy Masika, a lot of hypocrisy going on Masika,” the other “This Is 50” personality E.S.S.O host responded.

“It is not whatsoever. Absolutely not,” Masika said, before using her phone to demonstrate to the hosts in order to explain. “Here’s the thing. When you come up this hill. You see this fortress? Over there that’s Hollywood, up there that’s Calabasas, there’s some mountains this way, you see this estate that I live in, okay? When you come down here you see this gate, okay? You can’t get past this gate, it’s another half mile to the motherf***in’ street. This is my motherfu***in’ house. This is my multi-million dollar house that I pay for. I do not need a man to provide for me, but my man needs to provide for me. Everything I require, I also provide and have, so what the fu** do I need you for if we splitting some sh*t? I would rather pay it by my motherf***in self.”

Welp. Do you understand her logic now? Do you agree with her or do you think she is missing out on a potential partner by not having more of a teammate mentality? Or do you think more women need to be the same way?

You can watch her entire episode below:


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