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In the latest chapter of an increasingly perplexing saga, Megan Thee Stallion revealed her gunshot wounded feet in a gruesome Instagram post and delete after days of speculation over her injuries.

“Lol what I have learned abt majority of the people on social media is y’all like to hear bad news before good news, a lie spreads quicker than the truth, and y’all really be believing the sh*t YALL make up,” she captioned in the now deleted post.

“I got hit at the back of my feet because when I got shot I was WALKING AWAY FACING THE BACK. why would I lie abt getting shot?”

But she wasn’t done.

“Why are y’all so upset that I don’t wanna be in the bed sad?,” she continued. “Why y’all upset that I can walk? I got my stitches out my feet like 2 weeks ago and I was ready to go celebrate WAP going number1… I usually don’t address internet bullsh*t but y’all people are so sick! God was really watching over me and I’m healing so well! Sorry, I’m not as sad and miserable as a lot of y’all lol but ima keep being Megan Thee Mf STALLION.”

This statement comes after she posted and deleted a twerk video on a yacht and was spotted in the skrip club with bandaging on only one foot in questionable scenarios that reignited loud whispers about the now infamous incident.

How do you feel about Meg’s Instagram post? Should she just move on or tell us what happened? Tell us your thoughts in the comments and peep the Twitter hysteria over Meg’s shocking reveal on the flip.

“Megan foot just scared the sh*t out of me” – we weren’t ready

“Alright, Doctor 6 Foot 7 Foot. Break it down for all of us, thoroughly, as to what what Megan’s gun shots to the foot would look like & the healing process. Quickly.” – get herrrrrrr

“Twitter Doctors are saying that Megan is lying about be shot in her feet but lack any sensible explanation as to what she has to gain by lying about it.” – Twitter gonna Twitter

“There was never any reason to believe Megan was faking it.

Tory has gone from being ubiquitous in quarantine to absolutely radio silent since the story became public.” – and he still hasn’t been 100% CONFIRMED as the shooter

“I knew Megan ass was WELLINGTON 😂😂 how you get shot in both feet but had bandages on one foot and now video/pics show no bullets holes and only injury to one foot …nahhh wont try and Mandela effect me ho” – yikessssss

“Imagine being a grown a** woman with kids and instead of taking care of your kids you on Twitter worrying about Megan Thee Stallion’s feet it’s strange behavior at this point” – oh nooo

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“did y’all want megan to have a gaping donut hole in her foot or what” – certainly appears that way

“I better not hear anymore from these wack a** mfs talking about Megan’s injury. At this point it’s sick and just plain obsession. U got her to show her foot, round of applause weirdo b*tches. I hate that she even had to post pictures of it…any mf talking down on her disgust me.” – fame seems like TRASH sometimes

“Megan, I LOVE YOU but please stay yo a** home off that bandaged foot 😭



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