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The second everyone heard a snippet from Nas’ latest track, “Ultra Black,” fans immediately went crazy over the rapper saying he was “unapologetically Black, the opposite of Doja Cat.” While it’s hard to see this as anything but a diss, that’s exactly what Nas is claiming following all the chatter around his song.

The New York native talked about the song, and that line in particular, in an interview with Power 106 in LA recently. It’s here that he claims the line about Doja Cat wasn’t meant to be a diss, he was simply naming her because her name rhymed within the song.

“I was really just saying a rhyme that rhymed with ‘Ultra Black,'” Nas said on Friday. “I didn’t even think of it, you know what I’m saying? It’s all love.”

Back in June, fans discovered videos of Doja Cat using Tiny Chat. The chatroom website is reportedly known to be home to White supremacists and other radical groups, which caused fans and critics to question what the rapper was doing in said communities. At the same time, she received backlash over a song she released before reaching mainstream success titled, “Dindu Nuffin” which is a phrase used to discredit Black victims of police brutality.

Even though Nas claims he wasn’t trying to disrespect Doja, she has already announced that the name of her upcoming single is “N.A.S,” which many assume will be a diss of sorts.

What do you YOU think? Is Nas really telling the truth or was he out to aim lyrical heat at Doja?



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