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Lovecraft Country assets

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If you’ve been watching Lovecraft Country (and really, why would you not be?!), then you know you are watching something truly epic. Of course, there’s some great storytelling, fantastic action and Black a$$ Blackity Blackness.

One of the biggest stars is none other than Jonathan Majors who is a standout in the show and one of the best parts about 2020 overall. Sure he’s a great actor, but there are other reasons he’s getting attention.

Before we get to that, let’s talk about what he had to say about the most recent week’s surprises as he told the AV Club:

“I think the win is survival, but what does that mean? Not just physically survive, but to emotionally survive, and to not let the experiences of war, of hardship, of familial trauma deaden your emotional life. It’s surviving spiritually, and to still aspire for greater things in spite of a system and in a society that is dampening your humanity and threatening at every turn to take your liberty. It’s keeping that alive. So the survival of the spirit, the body and the emotions? That’s the way to win in Lovecraft Country.”

Now let’s get to why we’re all here. Majors is melting the internet with his arms, and everything else.

Hit the flip to see more panty-melting pics.

“Jonathan Majors not on social media? Great, i can thirst after him in peace every Monday Morning. Relieved face #LovecraftCountry”

“HBO really gave us Yahya and Jonathan Majors naked. The power that has.”

“The way they got Jonathan Majors in these shirts.”

“Watching the #LovecraftCountry premiere, and obviously it’s great so far, but I also want to point out that JONATHAN MAJORS IN THAT T-SHIRT.”

“I think we can collectively agree that Jonathan Majors can-*signal lost* #LovecraftCountry”

“the way Jonathan Majors eats up all these shirts, damn, the costume designer is doing amazing work here”

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“can we talk about Jonathan Majors in that mustard color henley? “


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