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What started as a heartwarming story of long lost love and redemption has turned into fodder for internet mayhem. It started with Monica enlisting the help of one Kim Kardashian to get former lover C-Murder free. Then Master P chimed in with his thoughts and wanted to set the record straight. Then this happened:

Then Master P aired out his frustrations with how his brother, C-Murder, is allegedly ignoring the efforts put in from his family while incarcerated and praising Monica and Kim Kardashian. Now a woman claiming to have REALLY been holding the prisoner down throughout the years financially and physically has come forth to throw shade at Monica as well.

A lady under the Instagram handle ‘sheflysplanes‘ produced several photos of her and Corey Miller together over the years in prison settings and had a few things to say in the captions about his and Monica’s rekindling romance.

“Didn’t miss a weekend! Didn’t miss a call! Didn’t miss a payment! Monica who?! We all have a story and he will forever be a part of mine!”

In a separate post, the woman takes shots at Monica.

“Where these ni**as be at when you say you doing all this and all that. @Future you remember how it went down. All she did was finesse his kids and sneak to the prison. That lady was married. But y’all know know how down down I was. Let’s be clear clear. I moved 4 minutes away from Angola prison. I’m realer that any man you will ever meet!”

C-Murder’s apparent (ex)prison lover also produced photos of tattoos she got in support of him, including his name on her finger and a “TRU” tattoo on her back. Do you think this means anything? The alleged new lover of C-Murder’s Instagram page has now gone private, but how do you think this will effect the on going case?

To make matters even worse, Master P also had a final word in his qualm with his brother. Hit the flip to see what he had to say.

Whoo it is all a petty disaster and Twitter is eating it up. Hit the flip to see it all…

“If you would have told me that Master P and Monica would be going at it via IG….2020 got something for us every single day.”

“If right person wrong time was a couple!!! I’m way too invested in this Monica and C-Murder relationship! Imagine getting to walk off into the sunset with your soulmate my eyes sweating y’all”

“Monica to everybody about C-Murder:”

“Monica told Master P he need to check C-Murder visitor log “You Should’ve Known Better””

“I personally can’t wait until C-Murder gets his freedom so he can tell us how every Saturday and Monday, Monica was on that receiver.”

“Mann do you have any ex’s in your life that will hold you down like how Monica is for C-Murder?”

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“Monica admitted to going to visit C-Murder and suggested P ”check the visitor logs” but she was married since 2010. I-… and she dated Rocko for almost a decade, no? So…?

See, let me get back to my own business. Jesus.”

“watch how c-murder does monica when he gets out.”


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