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As we get closer to the November election many are remaining hopeful that even with voter suppression people will show up and reclaim democracy as we know it. Right now many are unemployed, sick with COVID-19, and police are still murdering black people in the streets. If there’s one thing that many, even Republicans know, anything is better than the leadership we’ve seen over the past four years. One person who has been covering everything happening with this current administration over the past four years is Trevor Noah. According to TMZ, he’s already reminding Trump his time is almost up and jail is around the corner.

‘The Daily Show’ host took out this hilarious full-page ad in Thursday’s Washington Post … although we doubt anyone in the White House is laughing. In it, Trevor Noah & Associates & Sons say they’ll defend an unnamed “Soon-to-be-ex-President” against “Corruption, mega corruption, shady rich guy tax stuff and mail murder.

Hell, Trevor says they’ll even stand up for Trump because “You told people to inject bleach for some reason.”

Yes, Dems will laugh it up, and the GOP will hate the ad — which wasn’t coincidentally taken out the day the Prez accepts his party’s nomination.”

A working number is even in the ad (1-210-WH-CRIME) that you can call to get your own laughs.

In a recent interview with the LA Times, Trevor said even though he jokes and discusses social topics through playful cantor, he isn’t holding back the way he feels about the current state of the world:

“I believe in the importance of jokes. I will never lose that. I always tell people, ‘Jokes are what made me. That’s how I see the world.’ But maybe because the show has more time as well, I no longer have to choose between ‘Joke’ and ‘What I want to say.’ “

In fact, this is probably the best thing about Trevor. He has a way of making social issues and world news feel relatable, while honing in with his honest opinion, and giving America the answers and informative information it needs. Back in March, we saw the television host do just that when he spoke to Doctor Fauci on the state of Coronavirus during its peak.


Noah also shared a powerful message expressing his thoughts on the murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, & the Amy Cooper debacle. Now for his latest act, he’s coming for The Donald.

How long before Cheeto In Chief responds???


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