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Hazel-E and Masika Kalysha continue their years long feud

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Hazel-E and Masika Kalysha have been fighting since the days they both were on “Love & HipHop: Hollywood” but both women were on social media over the weekend squawking about another argument that happened while reality tv cameras were rolling. Hazel-E claims she snatched Masika’s wig clean off and Sika called the cops, but Masika says she’s lying.

Hazel made her claims on IG live and they were quickly picked up. In the videos she claims police were called — BY MASIKA– to set after they got into it and she says she snatched Sika’s wig.

Masika ultimately posted a video that made zero mention of any fight — but DID demonstrate her hair and makeup completely in place, as evidence that she hadn’t been harmed by Hazel-E.

Masika also took to social media to take shots…

Wow @ “Solve This Riddle” followed by a Pinocchio (lying face) and a pig face?!

She was immediately called out for being petty after recently tweeting about being kind:

“Didn’t you just make a tweet about being kind to people?” one person responded. “How you go from saying RIP to Chadwick to this messy defeating the whole purpose post? Pick a side Masika! You’re either intentionally positive or intentionally negative… you can’t be both. Take the higher road for ONCE!”

Masika brushed off the critique:

Girl u sound silly. I am a very positive person. But I ain’t mother Teresa. I don’t turn the other cheek when some1 comes at me! U get ignored or handled. Defending urself is not constituted as negative! The 1 attacking u is intentionally negative! Y’all want me to be a saint

When one of Masika’s fans asked why Hazel was in the blogs, Masika had a response for that too.

“Cuz how else would he get on a blog”

Sorry but is it really funny in this day and age to misgender ANYBODY. We’re not taking Hazel’s side BUT do you think Masika went too far?

And Masika is still standing by her story that Hazel didn’t harm her in the least.

“A scary bi**h who can’t even bend down to touch her own damn toes could NEVA touch me”

“He said that last time I yanked him off the stage by his neck too. y lie when there’s footage that’s gonna air.”

Anyway… off to set… headed to the next bag… busy week I hope everyone is being productive and safe. #maskon

We have no idea what show this is for but if y’all know feel free to clue us in. Hazel referred to Zeus network a few times on her live so we’re assuming that’s where this unoriginal content will live.

You would think having grown responsibilities like babies and mortgages would make folks become mature enough to realize that certain old behaviors no longer make sense, right?

Anywhoo… Who do you believe?


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