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Source: HBO

Last week we squirmed through the birth of a demon cow baby, saw Atticus’s, uh, forbidden snake and survived evil cultists using dark sorcery to open the garden of eden–yes, THAT garden of eden.

This week we somehow descended even further into the brilliant insanity of “Lovecraft Country” that didn’t take long to swerve off the rails after Leti acquires the Winthrop House in Chicago’s very white and very racist suburbs.

Determined to make it a boarding house for Black families in the dangerously racist neighborhood, she fixes up the spooky mansion (that she bought with money she believes she inherited from her deceased mother) that’s haunted by the malevolent spirit Horatio Winthrop who experimented on kidnapped Black folks.

And when we say haunted, we mean HAUNTED haunted. HELL NAWL haunted. Look at it!

Lovecraft Country assets

Source: HBO

With splashes of inspiration from classic Horror films like “The Poltergeist,” the eerie episode spirals into an unsettling place when Atticus and Leti team up with a witch doctor to make contact with the tormented spirits who were murdered in the house.

At this point, we should be used to the show’s supernatural shenanigans that get more stressful by the episode with this week’s un-seeable something being a spirit with a baby head on a basketball player body.

Lovecraft Country assets

Source: HBO

And that’s exactly why the show works as a Horror-Fantasy-Drama, Supernatural Thriller and symbolic 1950s period piece stuffed with all sorts of perfectly placed Easter eggs.

How do feel about last night’s SPOOKY episode? Did you sage the TV when it was over? Tell us in the comments and peep the funniest, wildest, and craziest reactions to the spooky episode on the flip.

“me every second of #LovecraftCountry” – SAME


“Now how you gonna bring a gun to a magic fight???” – *HOWLS*

“My nerves to #LovecraftCountry after that ep:” – OUR NERVES ARE IN SHAMBLES

“All I ever say when watching #LovecraftCountry” – every few minutes

“Watching the racists enter the house knowing there’s deadly ghosts inside #LovecraftCountry” – soooo satisfying

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“Get out of my house!!!”
Me:” – YEP!

“White people breaking into Leti house.

The ancestors:” – sooo spooooky

“This is how I know it’s fiction because ain’t no black kids messing with a ouija board!” – none at all. NOT A ONE.

“Had to get up and let a few shouts out when Leti smashed them car windows to gospel music” – amazing scene

“I normally watch #LovecraftCountry episodes at least twice to see what I missed the first time. I’m good on tonight’s episode though” – don’t be scaredddd



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