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Dr. Wendy Osefo is reacting to last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Potomac that featured her going OFF on Ashley Darby during a girls’ trip.

Wendy Osefo and Ashley Darby

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On the show, the ladies went to Monique’s lakehouse for a getaway, and “new mom” Dr. Wendy was bemoaning about pumping out bottles of breastmilk for her baby girl. According to the John Hopkins professor, she stashed enough breastmilk at home so her husband could take care of their baby.

Well, needless to say she was none too pleased to see fellow new mom Ashley Darby arrive with her baby boy Dean in tow. Dr. Wendy thought that it wasn’t fair that she couldn’t bring her child on the girls’ trip and she let Ashley know it.

A “mind your business” filled argument then ensued.

“I know how much I sacrificed and suffered to be able to be here. I pumped around the clock,” said Dr. Wendy. “I was pumping every two hours. I put milk in my freezer just so I could spend the weekend with you ladies and make sure I’m present,” Wendy told the rest of the group. “So I know it can be done. So I don’t have sympathy for her saying she’s a new mother.”


Dr. Wendy has since admitted to PEOPLE that she blew things out of proportion and just “missed her baby.” She added however she would’ve liked if she were “extended the same courtesy” as Ashley who was allowed to bring her son.

“I was just missing my baby,” Osefo says. “If I had received the same invitation to bring my baby [on the trip] I definitely would have.”

“Ashley and I, our babies are two weeks apart. Her son is actually older than my daughter. We were both exclusively breastfeeding, I’m still breastfeeding my baby and in order for me to have the ability to go on that trip for three days, I was up four days prior, around the clock, pumping so my baby would have enough milk for me to go away,” Osefo explains.

“I was coming from a place where I was simply saying, ‘Wait, we all made sacrifices to be here and if I knew I didn’t need to make that sacrifice and I could have just brought my baby, I would have done that.’ I just wish I was extended the same courtesy.”

Dr. Wendy also added that the girls’ trip was her first time ever leaving her baby girl — and it was “heart-wrenching” especially since her baby was born a preemie.

“It’s so hard. The first scene you see me with Candiace, that was four weeks after I had Kamrynn. Then I did this show literally two months after having her. And for me, part of the reason that confrontation happened with Ashley and I is [because] that was my first time ever leaving my daughter,” Osefo says to PEOPLE.

“There’s fear that no one tells you lingers when you have a NICU baby. A lot of times the things that happen to them are at night, so it was heart-wrenching to leave her and then, to see another baby there, I was like: ‘Oh my God, why didn’t I bring her?’ “

She’s since sent love to Ashley on Twitter for her behavior but interestingly enough, she stopped short of an actual apology. On #RHOP Dr. Wendy said that she wouldn’t apologize because it “didn’t warrant that.”

“You just admitted that you acted out of frustration and yet you can’t tell me that you apologize?” Ashley said during a second spat between them.

“I don’t think it warrants an apology,” Wendy asserted. They then argued some more and Dr. Wendy called Ashley a “fake b***” and “broke” and sent some doctoral degree shade.

“People don’t call me Wendy. People like you call me Dr. Wendy. Address me correctly!”

Now, sis, why not just apologize and be done with it? Or does “sending love” count?

Do YOU think Dr. Wendy owes Ashley an apology over that baby blowup???



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