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People get their panties in a bunch these days when they hear talk of “defund the police” and “systemic racism” but the truth is the police and the adjudicating criminal justice system are as dirty as the massage table at rub-and-tug. They aren’t looking for justice, they are looking for scapegoats and people to put in prison unjustly. Need proof? Here ya go.

According to WDRB, the man who police were looking for when they kicked Breonna Taylor’s door down and killed her was her ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover. Clearly, police wanted Jamarcus VERY badly as they had executed several raids looking for him prior to the fatal March 13 incident with Breonna and the man she was in a relationship with at the time, Kenneth Walker. In the months that followed, Breonna’s name was sullied and slandered as some tried to justify her unjust death. On July 13, prosecutors attempted to do the same when they offered Jamarcus Glover a plea deal that would require him to affirm that Breonna was part of his “organized crime syndicate” to further lend credence to the idea that “she had it coming”. F**k these prosecutors and everyone they love.

Fortunately, Jamarcus is an alleged drug dealer with a conscious and a heart because he turned down the plea deal that could have allowed him to walk away from 10 years in prison on charges of criminal syndication, drug trafficking and gun-related crimes.

How dirty is that? Months after Breonna is dead and in the ground these soulless, dirtbag, piece-of-s#!t “attorneys” want to posthumously incriminate her to make it look like the police had every right to kill her.

SMFH. AmeriKKKa.


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