Lil Murda's New Chucalissa Cake-Clapper Has The Streets Going Crazy

Country Boy, Home-Bred: Lil Murda’s New Chucalissa Cake-Clapper Has The Streets Going Crazy

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Things didn’t pop off right away for up-and-coming rapper Lil Murda who finally found his sound that’s just as hypnotic as his kush wings. So hypnotic, that the whole entire internet is buzzing over the latest single he performed for Keyshawn while nekkid to get over his stage fright.

“Country boy home bred/ Raised off of cornbread/Started off with short bread/ Now I got the long bread,” rapped the rising star in one of the hottest scenes of the entire series that made us A) believe in him as an artist and B) look for the song on streaming services.

If you missed yesterday’s recap, we picked up with Uncle Clifford using Mercedes’s crooked wigged Bible thumper of a mama to lead a rally against the casino threatening the Pynk.

With this stirring up all sorts of chaos across town, the sleazy Mayor tightens his grip on the club by moving up the auction date despite Uncle Clifford’s desperate attempts to slow down the process.

This leads Uncle Clifford to gather the girls for prayer on the last night (or not?) that brings back bottom bish Mercedes on a packed night that attracts the mystery man on Autumn/Hailey’s trail.

We, once again, see Tyler Lepley (who plays club bouncer Diamond) giving Mississippi the secks eyes and Andre nearly entangling with Hailey/Autumn at the club before running home to his attention-deprived wife who popped up to surprise.

And yes, they have the secks–very awkward married secks–that pales in comparison to his spicy phone secks scene with Hailey/Autumn who finds herself back where she started when her past pops up in the Pynk.

A past that involves a gun and lots of cash that she’s been depositing into her accounts in a reckless scam spree that we knew would swerve left.

Oh yes, the finale is about to be some red hot Mississippi MESS that we’re sure will build on the amazing writing, acting, directing and choreography of Season 1.

Are you feeling Lil Murda’s new song? Would you cop his album? Tell us in the comments and peep the chitter-chatter over his new banger on the flip.

““Country boy home bred/ Raised off of cornbread/ Started off with short bread/ Now I got the long bread.” Come through Lil’ Murda, my favorite new character.” – we need this on streaming services ASAP

“Lil murda out here with a few bars 😏

“country boy, home bread. raised off corn bread” – Murda got us HYPE

“HOL’ ON! Lil Murda really be snapping on these songs. 😂😂😂 I almost flipped my couch over last night when he got to rapping and said, “Country boy, homebred, raised off cornbread! Started off with short paper, now I’m having long bread!”


“Lil Murda song sound real good” – it really does

“Lil murda song be bumping” – it’s been stuck in our head since Sunday

“I like Lil Murda song yall” – it’s HOT

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“Lil Murda rapping his song #PValley it’s lit” – can’t wait to see him perform it

“I really wanted Lil Murda to turn around while he was practicing his lil song” – now, see…

““Country boy home bread,raised off of cornbread, started off with short paper now I’m having long bread”- #LILMURDA” – Lil Murda is definitely a Top 3 character on the show



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