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You may remember Chief Keef’s rapper-hopping baby mama Slim Danger from that messy Tekashi/Keef beef where she gallivanted around town with the rainbow-swirled troll who famously copped her a Gucci fanny pack. Yep, that’s it. Not even some flip-flops.

There were also allegations that Chief Keef was a deadbeat which very likely fueled her “revenge” tour with rival Tekashi that included some, uh, filthy favors.

“I sucked his d**k,” she said in a tell-all radio interview. “…It’s whatever, but he had to get some Danger head.”

This went on for a week or two in a childish attempt to bother Keef who was also the target of a failed hit connected to Tekashi who eventually ditched the notorious industry leech.

Now, years later, she’s back in the mix after exposing Odell Beckham Jr.’s alleged fecal fetish in a recent appearance on the super messy Thots Next Door podcast where she spills the stinky deets in great detail.

“He loves to be sh*tted on,” she revealed in the TMI-heavy conversation.

“He wanted me to come on a plane and he was like, ‘Make sure you don’t have any underwear, don’t take a shower for twenty-four hours.’ I’m like, damn, what the f*ck are you on? This is how I got flown out. He was like, ‘Take a picture of you sh*tting.’ I was like, alright, f*ck, I can do that. I took a whole video, b*tch! What you want? I sent it and, in maybe two hours, I was in Houston.”

Wooowwww do you believe Slim Danger? Should OBJ even respond? Tell us your thoughts in the comments and peep her pics/reactions to her sh*tty reveal on the flip.

“Chief keef baby momma said her name is Slim Danger 😫

U betray of child’s father for a Gucci fanny pack after that u right back where u started nowhere!!!

Unbelievable” – we want better for her

“I don’t even care about the fetish… I’m more shocked that this man desired slim danger” – that part

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A post shared by Slimdanger (@thareal_slimdanger) on

Tekashi was so thirsty to hurt Keef that he recruited his baby mama. Cold game.

“Slim danger finally gettin attention she been tryn get for YEARS” – YEARSSS

“I don’t trust these n*ggas, I don’t care about nothin’/I don’t even trust n*ggas with the Uber Eats” – leave Uber eats out of this

“Not with slim danger @obj” – he likes what he likes

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Self Made Baby Momma 🐺

A post shared by Slimdanger (@thareal_slimdanger) on

“Self Made Baby Momma” – self-made, huh?

“Slim Danger said she lit a candle & manifested having a baby by a rapper. That’s crazy to me.” – this…isn’t shocking at all

“I can’t imagine someone named “Slim Danger” who is best known for being a mother to a rappers child, is considered a credible source of something so outlandish. but hey man, 2020.” – welp



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