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Cyn Santana has accused ex-fiancee Joe Budden of being physically violent with her in an alleged “leaked” conversation as reported by Madame Noire. It’s unclear how the conversation was leaked but it appears on a YouTube channel titled Cynn Joe and the voices appear to sound like the two stars sorting out how they plan to co-parent their son Lexington after a messy breakup.

Throughout the audio (which we can not verify is REAL), Cyn and Joe appear to bicker over not only custody arrangements but over how reconcilable their relationship is. Cyn shuts down the idea of reconciling, communicating that she’s absolutely done with their relationship. That’s when Budden suggests they should have a conversation in person.

Cyn then immediately reminds him of an alleged physically violent incident where she says he “dragged” her around the house.

CYN SANTANA: We are talking.

JOE BUDDEN: Cyn you know what I mean. C’mon, man. C’mon, cut the sh-t. You know what I’m saying. Let’s stop.

CYN SANTANA: Oh, you mean in person so you can chase me again and drag me? I’m good.

JOE BUDDEN: Cyn! Oh sh-t. I didn’t know we was there. I didn’t know we was there…

CYN SANTANA: Oh yeah. We’re there.

JOE BUDDEN: I dragged you? I laid a hand on you and dragged you where? Where did I drag you, Cyn?

CYN SANTANA: You must have been drunk still, right?

JOE BUDDEN: No, I was not drunk. I’m very aware of what was happening. Very aware.

CYN SANTANA: Joseph, Joseph, Joseph Anthony Budden Jr. Joseph Anthony Budden Jr. Let’s not play these games. Let’s go back to the baby.

JOE BUDDEN:  You and I have to get better than this. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to do. Every possible avenue…

CYN SANTANA: Joseph. You know what? I can speak to you when you get out of this delusional state that you’re in and you can take accountability like a man and treat me like the woman you were about to marry and the mother of your baby boy. That’s when I can speak to you.

JOE BUDDEN: Can I ask you a question Cyn? I’m so glad that you said that. How can on do that if all you do is cut off every avenue?

CYN SANTANA: Do you know that you kicked me and your son out of your house and you haven’t sent me a dollar? You haven’t sent me a dollar, Joey. Nothing. Nothing, You haven’t sent me sh-t for me to buy Lex. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

The conversation continued between Joe and Cyn on the allegedly leaked call to no resolve, but the parents did agree that they both have different perspectives. Last October, Cyn appeared on Brunch with Tiffany and gloated over finally being free from the relationship with her son’s father making it clear that it was her decision, alone.

We didn’t decide on anything. I did what was best for my mental health, for my peace, and for me and my son.

Basically, let’s just say that I’m probably the happiest that I’ve ever been and that was probably the best decision I’ve made in my entire life in the 26-years I’ve been living on this earth. The best decision I made was leaving that relationship. And my son and I are amazing.”



Recently, Tahiry Jose claimed that she endured physical abuse from Joe Budden as well. Budden was quick to respond to Tahiry’s allegations on his podcast, alleging they were “toxic to each other.” As the exes were making headlines over abuse claims, Cyn chimed in with this tweet.

There are people on this earth who are completely lost and will try everything in their power to take your light. All that lives in their soul is darkness. Move cautiously.



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