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Lovecraft Country assets

Source: HBO

“Lovecraft Country” was back at it again with the spooky shenanigans–this time, going full Indiana Jones with a splash of “Goonies” as our boy Atticus leads Leti and his shady pops Montrose into an underground adventure into the abyss.

What happens next is, well, weird after Atticus confronts the new Sons of Adam cult Leader Christina Braithwaite who he discovers gave Leti the money for the no-longer-haunted-as-far-as-we-know mansion.

This leads him on a mission to find the missing pages from a spellbook by the cult’s founders Titus Braithwaite and Epstein Winthrop to hopefully protect himself and the crew from Christina dark’s sorcery.

Lovecraft Country assets

Source: HBO

Atticus’s first stop is the local library where he discovers the pages are hidden inside a history museum before going on a road trip with Leti, Montrose, Hippolyta, Tree and Diana to that very museum in Boston.

Naturally, they break into the museum and discover a hidden entrance to an underground cavern directly below a statue of Titus.

Lovecraft Country HBO

Source: HBO

Atticus, Leti and Montrose find themselves caught up in an Indiana Jonesian adventure filled with deadly obstacles, ancient puzzles, steadily rising water and an undead Native American two-spirit entity named Yahima who’s cursed to safeguard Titus’ missing spell pages.

Luckily, Atticus is able to communicate with the spirits as a descendant of Titus and gathers the pages that not-very-shockingly cause everything to crumble around them.

Lovecraft Country assets

Source: HBO

Our heroes manage to escape in an elevator with Yahima–YES, THE SAME ELEVATOR FROM LAST WEEK–back to the no-longer-haunted-as-far-as-we-know-mansion.

With the missing pages in hand, Atticus can certainly bargain with Christina and her brother. It’s just the small yet extremely important detail of his dad being A HOMICIDAL MANIAC who knows wayyyy more than he lets on that might complicate everything.

How did you like episode 4? Too strange or perfectly strange? Tell us in the comments and peep the funniest, wildest and craziest reactions to the latest episode on the flip.

“This was really all i could think of when that Native woman came to life” – classsssic

“So we not going to address him punching that screaming spirt…. took me out” – didn’t see that coming (at all)

“Oh hellllll no! It’s dead dude storage in the water. Y’all in the elevator at the damn house?” we had to remove our imaginary spectacles too

“Tic said” – THWAP!!!

“So they could’ve just taken the elevator to the ground level instead of going through that scavenger hunt” – certainly appears that way

“Me every episode of #LovecraftCountry” – FACTS

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“Imagine travelling all the way to Boston in Jim Crow’s America when you could’ve just taken the elevator in your house” – when we saw the elevator…whew….

“The way that devil woman tried to enter Leti’s home! Access denied bitxh!” – pettyyyy

“Me when I recognized the elevator from Leti’s house under the museum” – us, too!

“Montrose is constantly just…” – he definitely can’t be trusted

“THIS N*GGA DROPPED THE BAG. I COULD DIE RN” – we couldn’t believe that happened

“Artifacts he got “in exchange for teaching the savages” in other words stolen.” – mmhmmm

“Every Minute of #LovecraftCountry” – every single one

-Montrose is gay
-Christina and William are the same person
-Christina is using Ruby to get to Leti to get to Tic
-Hip is about to unlock the time machine with Hiram’s Orary” – hmmmmmmm


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