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Khloe Kardashian is no stranger to internet slander. People online pick apart the reality actresses’ relationships, fashion choices and most recently, her ever-changing face. The latest uproar over the Kardashian sister involved her resembling Beyonce’s style in a photoshoot.

The Beyhive thought (or joked) that Khloe intentionally morphed into the mega-star, lacking her own style and face. Could it be surgery, photoshop, OUR eyes? Who knows…

What we do know is Khloe is getting eviscerated by Beyonce fans and it’s funny (if you’re sinister like us.)


Khloe has also caught some flak for her recent Instagram post where she promoted a prescription migraine medication. Some users felt like it was ‘irresponsible’ of the reality TV star:

“She should not be advertising medication period”, one commenter wrote, while another user agreed, writing:

“That’s what I was thinking. I thought doctors were the only ones legally able to recommend or prescribe medicine.”

In an interview with Shape magazine this month, the Kardashian detailed just how painful her migraine episodes can be:

“To be honest, it was excruciating and terrible,” she said. Noting that her “countless” headaches impacted her vision in her left eye and extreme sensitivity to light, which can lead to her vomiting.

To be fair she did issue a warning about the medication to her following in the caption, but haters gonna hate we guess…

Back to these photos though. What do YOU think? Do the photos look identical? Hit the flip to see more social media hilarity ensue.


“Khloe said: switch my face make em’ feel like he cheating”

Khloe mirror every time she come back”

Comparing Khloe to Arya Stark is topnotch jokes.


Is Khloe blatantly plaguirizing Beyonce?

Which face will Khloe choose today?

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Khloe said “Ooh, boy, you looking like you like what you see. Won’t you come over and check up on it. Imma let you work up on it. Ladies let ’em check up on it, watch it while he check up on it””

khloe is taking “new year ,new me” literally”





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