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“You’ve been forcing me out for the past four years—leave me alone!”

NeNe Leakes And Wendy Williams

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NeNe Leakes is continuing to send some MAJOR shade her former friend’s way. As previously reported NeNe’s pretty pissed at Wendy Williams and Andy Cohen after the two kiki’d on Watch What Happens Live about NeNe’s #RHOA departure. 

“NeNe likes attention, dramatic attention,” said Wendy to Andy. “I don’t know what NeNe is going to be doing for money. “I’m not trying to count coins, but the Housewives is that one thing that all the girls use to promote their other stuff. Is it going to be like, Gregg [Leakes] and NeNe on another reality show? That’s boring. NeNe being a grandmother? That’s boring!”

According to NeNe, the two “crossed the line” and she clapped back with allegations that Wendy abuses drugs and allegations that Andy’s a “racist.”


NeNe clearly wasn’t finished speaking her piece however because she used her “Life Of NeNe” YouTube channel to call the two out AGAIN in a video titled “Stop using me for click bait! 🙄.”

According to NeNe, Wendy’s proven to be a disloyal friend/associate time and time again and she noted that Wendy previously dissed her on her talk show—but NeNe ignored it. That’s very true, Wendy shadily called the #RHOA star an “over there person” and made comments saying she’s “not slumming.”

“Last night was the first time I’ve commented on anything that wendy had said prior to me,” said NeNe. “Wendy went on her show she talked negatively, a couple days later she talked negatively again. Then she does Andy Cohen’s show and here she sits speaking negatively of my exit and bringing my family into the equation now that’s what you’re not gonna do, Wendy!”

According to NeNe, Wendy “speaking negatively” about her family is where she draws the line considering that she signed up to be “colorful” on TV, not them.

“I signed up as a real housewife,” said NeNe. “I signed up to be a part of television, my family never signed up to be a part of anything. They don’t have to be colorful, I am the person that have to be colorful. And you tell me what the other housewives on any franchise is doing with their children that is ‘so entertaining’ that you actually needed to go so low?!” she added alluding to Wendy calling a possible NeNe family spinoff “boring.”

That’s not all however, NeNe then had harsh words for Andy Cohen who she says has been “forcing her out” of #RHOA for four years. According to NeNe she just wants to be “left alone” and be able to “heal in peace.”

“I brought his name up because as you know I’ve done his show more times than he has,” said NeNe who chastised Andy for bringing her name up to Wendy Williams. “So since I have been forced out of the franchise then leave my name alone, let me sit over here, and heal in peace.”

“If you don’t have anything positive to say about me after working for your network after 13 years, stop bringing up my name on your show to help your ratings. Stop it, you didn’t want me here. If I don’t mean s*** to you, stop bringing up my name!”

Andy actually did have some kind words to say about NeNe after she announced her departure and called her an “icon” while ticking off her memorable catchphrases.

NeNe ended with shade towards both talk show hosts.

“Spend more of your time trying to figure out how you can drain your enormously large legs and feet, okay?” said NeNe making fun of Wendy’s lymphedema diagnosis. “You need to find the nearest water pill, okay?!”

“And Andy, remember no one knew you until you knew me!” she added.

That’s not exactly true, there were two other housewife franchises before #RHOA—but SURE thing, sis. You tell ’em!


Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen - Season 16

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Watch NeNe go off on Wendy Williams and Andy Cohen below.

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