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President Trump Holds A News Conference In White House Briefing Room

Source: Joshua Roberts / Getty

Welp, the s#!t finally hit the fan but we are under no false pretense that any of his MAGA sack-slurpers will give a damn. Donald Trump is a liar and a cheater and they absolutely LOVE that about him.

Yesterday evening, the New York Times broke the story of the election cycle. After almost four years of ducking and dodging, Donald Trump’s tax returns dating back more than a decade have come to light and now we all understand why he’s been so evasive. The only president to never release his tax returns only paid, wait for it…$750 in federal taxes in 2016 when 53% of white women made him the 45th POTUS. Moreover, in ten of the past fifteen years, the orange obfuscator paid, wait some more…ZERO in income taxes because he reported massive losses that he was able to write off to escape paying the money he owes to society at-large.

President Trump Holds A News Conference In White House Briefing Room

Source: Joshua Roberts / Getty

Also, it was revealed that Trump claimed and received a, continue waiting for it…$79.2 MILLION TAX RETURN! Now, you may say to yourself, “So what? This is what rich people do. What’s the big deal?”

Well, think for a second about, oh, say, Wesley Snipes, who spent THREE YEARS IN PRISON for evading taxes. Think about Lauryn Hill who was sentenced to three months in prison for not paying her fair share to Unkkkle Sam. Our beloved icon Ronald Isley also spent 3 years in prison for shady tax shenanigans. Fat Joe is another high-profile celebrity who had to lean back into the whoscow for four months because the IRS was on his culo about taxes. Donald Trump should most certainly suffer these same consequences next year when he’s out of office (Manifest, y’all. Mani-f***ing-fest! But also VOTE!).



Nobody LIKES paying taxes and we ALL wish the government was actually spending our money for things that so many people desperately need but according to the report Trump has escaped $400 million in filings. That kind of money could go a long way to help schools and other public resources that we need.


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