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Lovecraft Country assets

Source: HBO

Just when you thought “Lovecraft Country” couldn’t get any crazier it elevates to another level of genre-warping ambition that shines through in the latest episode where all sorts of mind-blowing s***t happens in an hour.

We find ourselves deeply immersed in the soul-boiling tensions spilling from Emmett Till’s heartbreaking funeral where we catch up with Dee who’s clearly suffering from PTSD after the death of her father and disappearance of her mother Hippolyta.

What happens next is–well, it’s truly SOMETHING–as she’s stalked by a sinister duo of shoe shufflin’ sisters Topsy & Bopsy (think Tethers from “Us” with a 1950s pickaninny twist) after being cursed by that wicked police chief who many suspect is using dark magic to harvest parts of Black men .

Lovecraft Country assets

Source: HBO

At this point, things spiral into omg-wtf-yoooo-bruhhh-wooooow-levels of chaos as Dee runs from the tap dancin’ terrors, ‘Tic races to learn magic to (hopefully) stop Christina from achieving eternal life (BY SACRIFICING HIM), preggo Leti makes a deal with the Devil (literally) to become invulnerable and Ruby continues her strange jungle feverish entanglement with William/Christina.

Sooo many things happen in this episode that you may have to watch it twice to truly grasp what happened while connecting the countless dots that now include ‘Tic’s old Korean monster boo popping up, a familiar monster summoned by Montrose to protect ‘Tic and Dee possibly being dead.

Lovecraft Country assets

Source: HBO

How did you feel about this CRAZY episode? Entertaining or way too much? Tell us comments and peep the funniest, wildest and craziest reactions on the flip.


The demons following Diana:” – this clip tho

“Dee all episode to the dancing demon twins” – the whole entire time

“Topsy and Bopsy pulling up on Dee” – it was sooo creepy

“Soooo it’s really looking like ChristinaWillam got my dawg Ruby out here d*ckmap*ssytized” – that certainly appears to be true

“Montrose: “I’m dyslexic, boy.”
*proceeds to read incantation*

Atticus:” – we were stressssssed

“How it started: How it’s going:” – mannnnnnnnnnnn

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“This how #LovecraftCountry have me every week….” – we don’t know how much more we can take

“Christina to Ruby next week after setting herself up to be killed like Emmett Till” – you know what…

“Me to Tic after the way he spoke to #Jiah” – yea she’s a monster but definitely didn’t deserve that


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